Reliable, Integrated Navigation – To Maintain a Competitive Edge

Posted: 1 June, 2016

For both domestic and field engineers within the Utilities Sector, increasing the number of installations or site visits performed each day is essential.  A significant contributor to this increase is through the combination of vehicle navigation and automating field service processes on the handheld device.

ADayInTheLifeUtilitiesHere through our Industry Spotlight Series, we outline how a combination of ALK mapping, advanced routing and back office mapping visualization tools enables utilities companies to maintain a competitive edge.

Increase Field Engineer Productivity Through Optimized Routing

Depending on the engineer’s preference, CoPilot Professional can preview an appointment list of addresses from which to select each job, or overlay all the day’s planned locations as custom pins on a detailed map view. Engineers unfamiliar with the locality can use the route optimization facility in CoPilot Professional on their handheld to provide the most efficient route between appointments, based on either fastest or shortest criteria.

For engineers with a more thorough knowledge, CoPilot Professional provides the facility for them to select their own job sequence.

In both cases, the details when the engineer is expected on-site with the customer are conveyed back to the office, generating an accurate ETA time window of one hour or less. This ETA can be communicated to the customer.

Reliable GPS Navigation In Remote Locations

The field engineer receives job details directly to their handheld, with latitude and longitude co-ordinates, showing the locations mapped to the nearest road.

The off-line mapping and GPS connection means that the engineer can rely on robust GPS navigation even in the remotest locations – often a challenge with navigations systems reliant on mobile internet connection for navigation.

Should the work requirement be some distance from the roadside, the engineer can use CoPilot Professional to record the exact vehicle location, thereby making it easier to find during night time emergency call outs or in adverse weather.

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