It has Arrived! PC*MILER 28 Now Available

Posted: 26 June, 2014

Throughout the year ALK’s product, design and development teams look into ways to improve, streamline and fine-tune the usability of PC*MILER’s features.  In Version 28, this year’s annual release, significant usability improvements were made to the importing of custom places. 

PCM28 LogoPC*MILER gives users the capability to assign their own names to locations in the database.  Once a custom place is created, users can enter it as a stop on a route.  In PC*MILER 28, users now have the flexibility to assign a custom place to their own defined category name.  We expect this feature to help users better organize their custom places and make it easier to identify them on the PC*MILER RouteMap.

We also kept usability in mind when we implemented the new Route Profiles Manager, which provides the ability to create and save custom routing profiles.  The new tool enables users to create and save groups of routing options under a name of their choosing.  The profile can then be selected each time a route is run that requires the route options in that profile.  Using this feature will increase efficiency when working with fleets that have multiple modes of transport, all with different routing needs.

ALK continues to search for innovative ways to help our customers with their routing, mileage and mapping needs.  After 15 years here at ALK, I’ve had the opportunity to work with both the PC*MILER routing and map data and its features and functionality within the software to help ensure the value that PC*MILER brings to the process of solving the complex challenges facing the transportation industry today.

For more PC*MILER 28 details, click here.


Kara Jo O’Neil, Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Solutions

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