PC*MILER Tutorial on HOS Manager

Check out our latest PC*MILER Tutorial on HOS Manager.  Ideal for someone who is brand new to PC*MILER, or even an experienced user who wants to learn about different functionality they may be overlooking. Our expert Kara Jo O’Neil, Senior Product Manager, thoughtfully guides the viewer with easy step by step instructions.

See for yourself how easy it is to factor HOS breaks directly into the route, helping you stay safe and compliant.

  • Topics include HOS Manager, practical and shortest routing, route entry basics and avoid and favors.  
  • All tutorials are under 10 minutes, allowing for viewers to get the most impact in a short time!

HOS Manager

A Comprehensive Solution for Owner Operators

You do it all – from management, to planning, to driving, and everything in between. There are approximately 350,000 owner-operators registered in the United States alone – and using back office and in-cab tools is essential for your business success. Wouldn’t it be great if the miles you planned match the miles driven?

PC*MILER|Web, a web and subscription based version of PC*MILER, helps owner operators manage costs with easy access to truck-specific mileage for rate calculation and fuel tax reporting, multi stop route optimization, and driving directions. And that’s just the beginning… see the full list of PC*MILER|Web features here.


PC Web - Driving Report
Detailed Driving Reports
PC Web - Least Cost Routing
Generate the most cost effective route with Least Cost Routing


Have you heard about CoPilot Truck? It’s a route planning and voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets powered by the same PC*MILER routing engine. So, drive the same routes and bill the same miles that you just planned in the back office. PC*MILER can even send routes directly to a device running the CoPilot Truck app.

CoPilot Truck has offline navigation, meaning the maps are stored directly on your device. So, you won’t be incurring high data costs.

Want to see a live demo of PC*MILER|Web and CoPilot Truck?  Head on over to the ALK Technologies booth 66140 at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS)!

For more information, visit pcmilerweb.com or https://copilotgps.com/us/truck-navigation.

ALK is Headed to Dallas for an Interactive Training Program!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dallas Marriott Las Colinas ⋅ Irving, TX

9:00am – 12:00pm

Our products have it all, but do you know all about our products? Targeted to current users of ALK Technologies’ products, these in-depth product training sessions will provide useful and practical information about how to effectively utilize PC*MILER and CoPilot Truck.

Not a current customer? That’s OK. Join us anyway to learn how our solutions can benefit your operations.

Get one-on-one time with experts. We’ll have ALK product and implementation specialists available to answer your specific questions.

It’s only a half-day commitment.  We’ll have two concurrent tracks, each filled with four educational training sessions, so we’re only asking you to join us in the morning. We’ll have breakfast beginning at 9:00am, followed by sessions, and closing with lunch at 12:00pm.

For complete program information and session abstracts, check out our training website.

HighJump and ALK Technologies Announce Enhanced Integration of PC*MILER

Minneapolis, MN – Feb. 22, 2016—HighJump, a global provider of supply chain management software and ALK Technologies, a global leader in GeoLogistics® and navigation software, today announced that HighJump transportation solutions are integrated with PC*MILER 29, the latest version of the industry-standard truck routing, mileage and mapping software.

HighJump’s suite of transportation solutions, including Prophesy DispatchSeries Software, Prophesy Transport, and HighJump TMS, have been enhanced to integrate seamlessly with PC*MILER 29.

“ALK offers a truly unprecedented level of mapping and routing functionality within their PC*MILER product,” said HighJump CMO/SVP, William Ashburn.  “We are pleased to build upon our longstanding collaboration with ALK, and provide leading-edge geologistics integration to our valued ProphesySeries users.”

With PC*MILER 29, HighJump customers receive the most enhanced and updated map data with truck restrictions to provide accurate truck-specific routing capabilities for realistic ETAs and overall cost management.  PC*MILER’s latest street-level, toll and hazmat routing modules are also available as an optional add-on for enhanced customization and increased cost savings.

“We are thrilled to continue to bring the most accurate and industry recognized routing, mapping and mileage to HighJump’s customer base,” said Bill Maddox, vice president, sales, ALK Technologies.  “With this integration we are confident that HighJump’s customers have the proper tools they need for operational success and overall cost savings.”

For more information on PC*MILER visit www.pcmiler.com.                     

About HighJump Prophesy Transportation Solutions
Prophesy Transportation Solutions are powerful and affordable transportation software solutions available for today’s trucking companies. They streamline and integrates dispatch and accounting departments, allowing users to quickly quote rates, schedule trips, broker loads, assign equipment and drivers, pay bills, collect payments, as well as create, process and send invoices.

Prophesy features the simplicity of single point data entry so, once entered, data flows smoothly throughout the system in real-time, from dispatching to accounting, from maintenance to compliance, from billing to driver pay, and everything in between. This means less manual data entry for employees and a significant reduction in clerical errors. Users will spend more time generating potential business, quoting rates, booking loads and therefore improving the company’s bottom line.

About ALK Technologies
ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics solution and navigation software, is focused on developing innovative solutions for transportation, logistics, mobile workforces and consumers. Product lines include PC*MILER, CoPilot and ALK Maps. PC*MILER is widely recognized as a transportation industry standard for routing, mileage and mapping in North America. CoPilot is a leading source of GPS navigation software for fleets, mobile operators, hardware OEMs, system integrators, professional drivers and consumers. ALK Maps is a development platform designed for the transportation industry and provides commercial routing, geocoding and mapping visualization for enterprise applications.

For more information on ALK Technologies, visit: www.alk.com or follow us at: www.twitter.com/ALKTech.

About HighJump
HighJump is a global provider of supply chain management software and trading partner network technology that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. We support more than 15,000 customers in 77 countries, ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. Our functionally rich and highly adaptable solutions efficiently manage customers’ warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, trading partner integration, delivery routes, retail stores, and eCommerce. For more information, visit http://www.highjump.com


ALK Technologies Introduces PC*MILER|Rates

Provides a Cloud-Based, Real-Time Rating Service for the Shippers, Brokers and 3PLs

Princeton, N.J. – February 10, 2016 – ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, today announced the latest addition to its suite of transportation solutions, PC*MILER|Rates.  Developed with leading transportation management software provider 3GTMS, PC*MILER|Rates provides shippers, brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) with quick, accurate real-time rate calculations and options for multiple less-than-truckload (LTL) and small package carriers.  This provides customers the information to assist in carrier selection and efficiently manage the cost side of their transportation services.

“Shippers, brokers and 3PLs need to be able to quickly and easily compare rates between carriers to make the best decision for their business,” said Bill Maddox, vice president of sales, ALK Technologies.  “Working with 3GTMS, we are pleased to provide a service that enables companies to efficiently manage their carrier contracts and determine exact pricing on demand.”

With PC*MILER|Rates a company’s existing carrier contracts are uploaded directly into the system, erasing the complexity and hassle of the rate setup, and are continuously available for immediate calculations. Rates are calculated based on account tariffs, freight class, total weight and accessorial fees, allowing  shippers, brokers and 3PLs to identify a true cost for billing, auditing and accurate reconciliation.

“All logistics professionals can drive benefits with fast and accurate access to their rating options,” said Mitch Weseley, CEO of 3GTMS. “Working with ALK on PC*MILER|Rates makes a new level of efficiency and usability available to more companies.”

PC*MILER|Rates populates the carrier and rate information by first having the user enter their shipment information including weight, freight, class, and origin/destination.  The cloud-based solution then simultaneously retrieves multiple rates and detailed carrier information.  Rates can be chosen immediately or exported for additional analytics or research.  PC*MILER|Rates can be used as a standalone service or integrated with any TMS system.

An educational session on PC*MILER|Rates will be held at ALK’s Interactive Training Program on Thursday, March 24th at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas in Dallas, Texas.  View the event website for more information and to register.

For more information on PC*MILER|Rates visit: www.pcmiler.com/rates.

For product images visit our online photo gallery.

About 3GTMS
3GTMS delivers order to settlement transportation management software (3G-TM) for shippers, brokers and 3PLs focusing on simplifying the process of complex transportation management. Built as a single system, 3G-TM manages the full transportation lifecycle including: rating, routing (including multi-stop and pool distribution optimization), tendering, tracking, tracing and settlement. 3G-TM transportation software provides embedded optimization allowing you make better shipping decisions that harness opportunities and address daily challenges. Deployment options include on premise, hosted and SaaS, all of which enable transportation teams to make better decisions, harness new opportunities, achieve cost savings, streamline processes and address the daily challenges of transportation.

For more information, visit: www.3GTMS.com, sales@3GTMS.com or call us at 1.203.513.9336.

About ALK Technologies
ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics solutions and navigation software, is focused on developing innovative solutions for transportation, logistics, mobile workforces and consumers.  Product lines include PC*MILER, CoPilot and ALK Maps.  PC*MILER is widely recognized as a transportation industry standard for routing, mileage and mapping in North America.  CoPilot is a leading source of GPS navigation software for fleets, mobile operators, hardware OEMs, systems integrators, professional drivers and consumers.  ALK Maps is a development platform designed for the transportation industry and provides commercial routing, geocoding and mapping visualization for enterprise applications.

For more information on ALK, visit:  www.alk.com or follow us at: www.twitter.com/ALKTech.


ALK’s Big Successes in 2015

In 2015, ALK excelled in all areas of product, data, development and design. Together we executed a year of new product features, functionality and capabilities to provide solutions for safe, more compliant and efficient routing, mileage mapping and navigation.

We kicked off the year by introducing a new Weather Alerts module for ALK Maps, which not only notifies fleet managers or dispatchers when impending weather systems may impact current or future routes, but allows for visualization of those weather conditions overlaid on a map of the route plans. Since then, we’ve deployed ALK Maps in Europe and integrated ALK Maps into numerous partner platforms. As ALK Maps continued to expand, we also developed our CoPilot Truck in-cab navigation solution with additional functionality.

We now have support for vehicles of all sizes that provide optimal routing for Light, Medium, or Heavy Duty vehicles.  Drivers can enter their custom vehicle dimensions and will be alerted if those dimensions require a permit to help avoid errors and ensure compliance when creating routing profiles. Keeping driver safety as a main focus, we also added a new darker in-cab user interface on the display to minimize ambient screen glare during the day or night, reducing distraction.

Mid-year we introduced PC*MILER 29, and took into consideration industry-wide issues, trends and regulations to ensure we’re delivering a product that meets the needs of our customer base. PC*MILER 29 introduced a new HOS Manager, which factors in required breaks and stops directly into your route plan helping to stay compliant with government regulations and allowing our customers to maximize revenue by getting the most of out every mile driven.

Our CoPilot Professional integrated navigation and advanced routing optimization platform continues to expand into new vertical markets as fleets from Agriculture to Emergency Services adopt it as part of their mobile workforce strategy.

We ended 2015 by announcing ALK Maps new platform features, including traffic incidents and drive time polygons, as well as CoPilot Truck’s remote configuration capabilities for tighter control over the routes drivers follow, eliminating the need for associated driver interaction.

We’re also excited to continue to deliver safe, reliable navigation to consumer drivers worldwide. This year we celebrated 16 million downloads of our CoPilot mobile navigation apps.

Our goal is to provide customers with streamlined solutions that provide efficiency, productivity, and overall asset utilization. ALK’s customer-first mentality allows us to achieve this goal year after year.

 Here’s to another successful year in 2016!

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ALK Blog Series #2: Staying Safe in Winter Weather Driving Conditions

Some parts of the country and world have already seen their fair share of unpleasant weather recently. Whether it’s snow, rain, sleet, or a wintry mix, it’s important to stay informed and make appropriate decisions when traveling this winter season. Safety is essential. As we enter the unpredictable winter months, consider how using technology can help you stay safe for the roads ahead.

truck1  truck2 truck3

Consider this: You’re driving along in your semi, transporting XYZ across the Midwest, when all of a sudden you’re in the midst of a fury of freezing rain. You know you shouldn’t continue driving since the roads are now getting slippery and dangerous, but where can you stop and park until the storm passes? Mapping and in-cab navigation technology can help you locate and navigate to nearby Points of Interest (POIs), such as rest areas, truck stops, and parking locations on safe, truck-legal roads. Drivers can also be notified of traffic buildups caused by weather-related accidents and select an alternate route to avoid high-risk areas.

Knowledge is Power: For back office planners, technology is available that allows for real-time weather alerting, notifying dispatchers if planned or future routes will be affected by impending weather conditions. With this insight, decisions can be made to re-route, delay or modify plans to keep drivers safe and customers up-to-date on delivery times.

Technology plays a key role in the transportation industry and provides powerful data insight for better decision making. Using technology to address weather-related issues during the winter is key for operational success. It also ensures we keep our precious commodities safe, the most important being our drivers.

And for everyone traveling on the road this winter, here are some helpful winter driving tips to keep in mind to avoid any surprises in your travels.

Safe travels!

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ALK Blog Series – Stress Less

Recently, we’ve been hearing more and more about the stresses that truck drivers have to face while on the road. Situations like getting lost, being late to a delivery, or driving in unsafe weather conditions, can have a huge impact on a driver’s attitude and stress level. Can you imagine the pressure of getting thousands of dollars worth of goods delivered safely and on time to keep customers satisfied?

Stress is the result when one has to deal with change and can create substantial effects on the body, such as:

  • Headaches/migraines
  • Upset stomach
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Loss of sleep

Fact: Approximately 1/4th of U.S. commercial truck drivers on America’s roads report experiencing sleep apnea.

Stress on Warning Road Sign on Sunset Sky Background.

Alleviating some of the day-to-day stress can lead to increased job satisfaction and better retention overall.  Let technology help! Here’s a few situations where using technology can lead to less stress.

Use in-cab navigation: it’s an instant relief to drivers! Using truck-specific, voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions decreases the likelihood of a driver missing a turn or taking a non-truck legal road. Navigation provides more accurate ETAs and can even go as far as to communicate with the back office for real time updates, eliminating manual calls. Drivers want to drive, not plan!

Pre-plan HOS breaks: With the increased Hours of Service (HOS) mandates the trucking industry has recently seen, there is a heightened focus on when and for how long drivers can schedule breaks. Without proper calculations and insight, some drivers are forced to make these decisions themselves, leading them to choose the wrong location or break for an incorrect amount of time, ultimately impacting their scheduled delivery times. Fleet Managers or dispatchers can utilize pre-planning systems that factor break times directly into the drivers’ planned routes.  This eliminates any pressure the drivers feel on making impactful decisions.

Be aware of impending weather: Driving a vehicle in an area affected by severe weather conditions is stressful for any driver. Using a visualization tool in the back office where weather overlays are displayed directly on a map along with current or future route plans allows fleet managers to accurately assess potential delivery or safety impacts. Recently, Transport America implemented such an alert system, setting up automated emails to be sent directly to Fleet Leaders whose trucks are affected by weather systems and when and if conditions change. This allowed managers to notify drivers ahead of the impact or safely re-route them if necessary, alleviating driver anxiety. (Read Transport America’s Case Study)

In the unpredictable industry of trucking, ALK Technologies strives to create solutions that help drivers navigate, manage their hours of service, and avoid unsafe weather conditions. In decreasing overall driver stress and anxiety, the ultimate payoff is safer roads for all travelers.

Learn more about PC*MILER, CoPilot Truck, and ALK Maps


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The Return of ALK’s Interactive Training Program

This past Wednesday, October 28th, we hosted our first-ever, off-site Interactive Training Program in Harrisburg, PA. The half-day program was targeted towards current customers and prospective users, focusing on the features and functionality of our products as well as how to most effectively utilize them. The sessions were led by those who know the products best, our Product Managers!

Jeff Sibio, Director of Implementation | Jaspreet Singh, Senior Project Manager | Kara Jo O’Neil, Senior Product Manager 

           PCMiler-Logo-Small               CoPilot-Truck              ALK-Maps-Logo-Medium

Some of the session topics included:

  • Customizing PC*MILER to Improve Your Efficiency and Productivity
  • CoPilot Truck & RouteSync in Depth
  • Solving Compliance Challenges with PC*MILER’s HOS Manager
  • Web-Based Application Options for Specialized Integrations

We’re looking to expand!

ALK is the process of adding additional Interactive Training Programs to various locations around the country for 2016. If you’re interested in learning more about how your company can benefit from from attending and/or using our products, contact Dana Petrone, Senior Marketing Manager at dpetrone@alk.com today!

Do you have any ideas on training topics that would be beneficial? We always want to hear our customer’s feedback. Tell us what you think!



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Routing, Mileage & Navigation in the Patch

Increasing efficiency and safety are always at the top of the list for companies operating in the patch.  As highlighted in the recent Trimble news release announcing their new Oil and Gas Services Suite, there’s very powerful technology available today for managing the transportation of fleets and equipment servicing well sites in the oil and gas industry.

Why is it critical to have industry-specific in-cab navigation, routing & mileage data?

  • Precise mileage and distance using actual oil and gas roads for accurate billing
  • Improves driver productivity and efficiency with the most comprehensive off-road mapping
  • Provides turn-by-turn, voiced-guided truck-legal navigation for safety and accuracy
  • Detailed energy network coverage to include remote sites
  • Mileage precision and accurate ETA calculations from well to well or public to private lease roads
  • Reduce out-of route mileage costs when routing both on and off the grid
Navigate directly to a well head
Navigate directly to a well head
PC*MILER|Energy route plan
PC*MILER|Energy route plan
Precise mileage & travel times from well to well
Precise mileage & travel times from well to well

At ALK we’ve worked closely with our partners to develop and bring together market solutions that have you covered once you leave the highway.

Learn more about PC*MILER|Energy and CoPilot Truck Energy

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