December & 2017 Round-up


Whole year

2017 has gone very fast for the ALK team in the UK and in Europe with a lot of changes in the way we operate, many partner events & trade shows, and a better than ever team spirit across Europe. Last year, we have also made our big come back on the trade show scene in Europe and worked really hard to improve our partner relationships even more over here.

Overall, we took part in 21 partner events and trade shows across the European region, in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Belgium.




December has been quiet in London, with the usual industry slowdown around the festive season. However, all of us had a final chance to gather one last time before the new year for the annual Christmas party.

This time our German and French teams flew in and we all went to play ping-pong before heading to a traditional pub in London to enjoy our Christmas meal.



Finally, as part of a national initiative, we all wore our best Christmas jumpers as part of Christmas Jumper Day on December 15th, an initiative aimed at raising funds and awareness around the Save the Children charity.

On that same day, we also donated a bag of presents to the GOSH charity to brighten up Christmas time for the children of the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. 




Whole year

Like always, it was a very busy year for the North America team with trade shows and other events across the country. Partnerships definitely grew stronger this year which helped us get a better understanding of what is needed in the industry. We participated in 40 trade shows and conferences in 2017, even crossing over to Canada for one. We are all looking forward to an even better 2018!


Partner events and Trade Shows came to a complete stop once December came around. This gave the ALK team time to celebrate the successful year and begin planning for the year ahead. The Princeton team celebrated a festive holiday party at the Nassau Inn. There was also gift giving for lucky ALK raffle winners which everyone always enjoys watching just as much as winning!



For the first time, the Princeton office took part in office celebration “Ugly Holiday Sweater Day” for a good cause. For every ALKer that participated, a donation was made to a Women’s Space Inc., a local shelter for women and families that are impacted by domestic violence. The Princeton office also participated in donating charitable items to Women Aware.  December was definitely the season of giving for ALK as a whole.





As the one year anniversary of our internal Raise the Bar initiative is getting closer, we are happy to look back at the 11 events and initiatives organized over 2017, which have helped us to enhance communication between our teams and to participate in more charitable events than we ever did before.

Towards the end of the year, we launched a new CoPilot Truck website that now encompasses the CoPilot Professional and Consumer versions of the product all in one location.

As 2017 comes to an end, we thanked our customers and partners globally for another great year. This year we donated to several charitable organizations including nonprofits focused on helping those who serve the transportation industry.

Our customers and partners in the US received the holiday ecard below, which mentions our donation to St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund. For our London customers and partners, the holiday e-card mentions a donation made to the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport.

ALK October Round-Up


Our North America team exhibited at three trade shows in October: MercuryGate User Conference in Las Vegas, National Tank Truck Week in New Orleans, and ATA Management Conference & Exhibition in Orlando. There was a good showing at each which made for a busy month before travel begins to slow down.


Mid-October has been a busy time for our EU team as well, with several events happening simultaneously in the Netherlands, France and Germany.

In total, our French and German teams have been participating in the three following events within three days:


The 3PL Summit (Venlo, The Netherlands) is Europe’s annual meeting of the leading C-Level 3PL executives and their CSCO supply chain counterparts, attended by over 400 senior supply chain and logistics executives every year, making it an unmissable event.


Mobility for Business (Paris, France) is a French show that has been running for eight years and appealing to builders, editors, software integrators, operators and buyers from the connected mobility sector. It is the only French show dedicated to mobile solutions for companies, collectivises and administrations.

Movilizer Days (Mannheim, Germany) is a yearly Honeywell event during which participants learn how Honeywell Movilizer Cloud and IoT solutions deliver value in the Connected Supply Chain and for Connected Industrial Workers. It gives them an opportunity to network, learn, challenge and see how enterprise mobility can transform their business.


Each one of these shows, whether we were exhibiting or only visiting, has been an opportunity to advertise ALK’s new Plan. Drive. Analyze campaign around Europe.

Our business developers have been working hard to meet partners, new prospects and raise awareness around our high end navigation and route optimization solutions.


The GIS team from our Princeton office took a trip to our Chennai office in India this month. They had a great time with the Chennai team both in and outside of the office (more of that to come on the blog!)


To end the month, we had our third Raise the Bar event of the year which was a hit in both our Princeton and London offices. Each office had a guest speaker that spoke about the trucking industry and the importance of precise navigation and planning routes. We also had the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face when on the road. To complete the experience, both offices had the chance to try out a driving simulator to get an idea of what it is actually like to be behind the wheel of a truck!



Behind the Wheel: A Raise the Bar Event

 ALK’s Behind the Wheel event was a huge success and took place on October 30th in both the Princeton and London office.




In our London office, Marcus Newport, Director of IT at Aspray24, gave our team a presentation on how CoPilot improved the efficiency of his company and shared very interesting metrics and feedback related to the truck drivers’ experiences with our product.

Receiving one of our major British partners allowed the entire European team to understand more about how CoPilot can integrate within a company’s strategy and what kind of issues truck drivers face on a daily basis.




Our Princeton office was so excited to have Allen Boyd and Stephen Richardson, two of America’s Road Team Captains, guest speak at our Behind the Wheel event! They spoke about how long they have been in the trucking industry, valuable lessons learned and the importance of planning in their daily life on the road. We had the chance to experience what it is like being behind the wheel of a truck by trying the driving simulator of the 80 foot Interstate One truck, provided by American Trucking Association.



This Raise the Bar event gave our team valuable insight on what it’s like being behind the wheel as a truck driver. We look forward to having more events similar to Behind the Wheel to ensure we are on-top of needs to the trucking industry.


Digital Revolution – A World of Connected Trucks

What is digitalization and how is it affecting the trucking industry?


The digitalization of the trucking industry, and on a broader level, of the automotive industry, is a hot topic at the moment.

The definition of digitalization is the integration of digital technologies into everyday life by the digitization of everything that can be digitized (cf definition).

With the advent of digital technology and connected objects, the automotive industry has seen some fundamental changes in the course of a few decades.

Today’s vehicles are now closer to computers on wheels than ever before. They communicate with us and with each other, they gather all sorts of data about us and their environment and even more than that: they will soon be able to operate completely autonomously.



But it is not only about autonomous vehicles…


Testing of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles by big automotive and tech companies has already started to raise concerns within the industry. But digitalization is not just that. It involves all the back and forth conversation between the fleets on the road and the back office, and alerting them about anything happening during the journey and react in real time.

Consequently, one may wonder if we are heading towards a world in which trucks will constantly communicate with each other and analyze location, vehicle status, road hazards, etc on their own.

But besides all the technological advances brought up by digitalization, many concerns are being raised regarding the security of the vehicles.
In this regard, the blockchain technology might well be key to the next big revolution within the trucking industry.


The Blockchain Industry – What is it?


According to, “Blockchain [is] a technology that stores incorruptible blocks of information across a shared digital network [and] could revolutionize the future of trucking and logistics by creating a new system of completing transactions, tracking shipments and managing fleets.”

To put it into the current context, blockchain is the underlying technology that supports the controversial digital currency called “Bitcoin”.


Thanks to this new technology, truck drivers would be able to use sensors to track data in real time such as the temperature inside vehicles conveying food or the weight of their loads.

For customers, this would mean a better tracking of routes and ETAs and the possibility to retrace the trucks’ itinerary very precisely and quickly..
All in all, it implies a total transparency along the entire supply chain.


In order to start implementing this new technology, a coalition of players of the transport and logistic industry have united to create the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (

But according to Kenneth Craig, vice president of McLeod Software and member of the alliance, also known as BiTA, “the concept of deploying blockchain in trucking systems is only in its infancy”.


Consequently, we still have time before the blockchain or any other technology takes over the trucking industry, but the shift has already started and significant changes are to come in the coming years.


Learn more about the topic:

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Run the River Charity Event


On Tuesday 12th September, a team from our London office took part in the 5K Run the River fundraising event for Teach First. Teach First is a charity that fights against educational inequality. The organisation works closely with schools, universities, charities, businesses and individuals to give all children a chance to receive a quality education.

Congrats to David, Federico, Matt, Giovanni and Justin for taking part in the event!

Find out more about Teach First →


Autonomous Trucking and Driverless Fleets


 Self-driving vehicles are on their way

When we talk about autonomous driving, the first thing that comes to mind are driverless cars and the advantages/safety/moral challenges that surround them. Some of us imagine a future in which we will all work, eat, sleep in our new cars while they drive us to our destination. Others are concerned about the safety of driverless vehicles.


Big companies are investing more and more in R & D

But self-driving trucks are also part of the equation, and the effort put into the automation of delivery vehicles is as important as for cars. Companies like Uber, Google and Tesla are investing millions in self-driving technologies to build trucks that could drive for longer shifts, whilst allowing the drivers to rest during the drive and reduce the number of truck-related accidents.




The challenges for navigation providers

As far as navigation is concerned, the development of autonomous or semi-autonomous trucks represents a challenge as well as an opportunity.

A crucial point for our industry is that GPS data (exact location, timing, etc) will have to be even more accurate to cover for the lack of driver in case of a detour or problem on the roads. Any geolocation problem could result in damages and an immediate danger for the the passengers and anyone in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Digital maps showing every road sign, traffic light, temporary road works, etc, need to be part of the solution.

According to Amnon Shashua, chief technology officer at Mobileye, “If we want to have autonomous cars everywhere, we have to have digital maps everywhere.”

→ Read full article here

Today’s navigation solutions will have to adapt

The loss of the driver – whether it is total or partial – means that in-cab navigation solutions as we know them today might not be needed anymore.

Instead, new technologies enabling a better synchronisation between the “smart” truck and the back-office might gain a much bigger importance.

Vehicles are already getting geared up with connected features that enable a safer and effortless journey.

But technological advances happen so fast that it is hard to predict exactly where this field will be in the next few months or years.



So, what’s next?

Even though self-driving vehicles are a trendy topic at the moment and despite all the test implemented by big companies, we still have a few years before entire fleets hit our road.

Besides, as Alain Kornhauser, founder of the ALK Technologies Inc , pointed out in this article, self-driving does not necessarily mean driverless. And it is very likely that the first generations of autonomous trucks will still require the presence of a driver in case something goes wrong during the journey.


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2017 Standard Chartered Great City Race – London


Last night, our British colleagues Matt Conby and Will Colborn entered the 2017 Standard Chartered Great City Race​ along with a few fellow colleagues from Trimble Real Estate and Workspace Solutions (RE&WS).

Congratulations to both of them for getting involved in this charitable event, as the run was a way of raising funding and awareness for the Seeing is Believing charity.

A total of over 5000 runners took part in the 5km race, snaking through London’s financial district, also known as the Square Mile – around sites including St Paul’s and the Bank of England.


Official Times:

Will: 24m 38s

Matt: 24m 56s


This was the first time Will entered a 5km race, but it sounds as though he has caught the bug and wants to sign up to more of the same. Matt, however, had already participated in this particular race, and yesterday he completed it 2m 25s quicker than last year!