ALK Tech Summit’s Interactive Training Programs

Posted: 9 February, 2015

ALK’s Transportation Technology Summit takes place May 4-7, 2015 in Princeton, NJ and is again being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This year, there is an exciting new addition to the agenda – Interactive Training Programs. These programs allow ALK to deliver customized learning experiences for participants. The Programs are available to anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge of ALK’s products.

Our Interactive Training Programs provide participants with invaluable information and hands-on guidance, educating them with our latest software updates. The goal is to help further your product knowledge so you can report back to your company with the tools and information that will ultimately cut costs and increase your ROI.

ALK is offering ten Interactive Training Program sessions over the course of two days, all of which are 75 minutes. Major themes include: Route Visualization, Efficiency & Productivity, Route Compliance, and Integrating & Customizing your products to fit your needs. We will dive deeper into the details of ALK’s product lines; CoPilot®, PC*MILER®, & ALK® Maps, through presentations and demos. At the conclusion of the Training Programs, we’ll host an open Q&A session, bringing together the ALK Team of Product and Project Managers, Integration Specialists, Developers, and Senior Management.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned executive, ALK’s Interactive Training Programs will add further value to your company in the short-run and will continue to have a lasting effect. The early bird registration deadline is less than two weeks away. By signing up on or before February 20, you save $100 and can be confident that you’ll come away feeling motivated and optimistic about the future.

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