Take a Break for Brake Safety

September 6-12 is all about Brake Safety Awareness, thanks to an initiative brought forward by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) in 1998. Throughout the week, the CVSA has been conducting inspections as part of their Operation Airbrake program. Even though this week is coming to a close, we always encourage you to maintain your brakes and make sure they’re in good, working condition for the roads ahead!


The certified inspectors, who can be found in various locations around North America, take several things into consideration, including the air brake mechanical components, the tractor protection system, and the brake adjustment. Last year, the CVSA reported 2,162 trucks out of the total 13,305 inspected were in violation of brake standards. Trucks can be forced out of service until fixed when they’re found to be in violation, causing problems for more than just the driver!


You can easily “inspect” the condition of your brakes each time you drive. The CVSA recommends you listen for air leaks, check low air signals, and look for component damage. Furthermore, you can be observant of other warning signs, for instance, if you have to apply extreme pressure to the brakes before they engage or if the vehicle pulls to one side when applying the brakes. Driving while your vehicle is in this condition poses a threat to both yourself and fellow motorists, which is never worth the risk.

No matter your destination, we want you to get there safely. Be observant while driving and make sure to schedule an appointment if you notice any of these indicators of damaged brakes. Take the responsibility and keep yourself and others safe on the road by inspecting your brakes today.

More on brake inspections and safety here.

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Make Booth 18158 Your #1 POI at GATS


We care about drivers and their safety. That’s why we’ve created CoPilot Truck. Our unique offering provides drivers:

  • Safe, reliable, truck-specific navigation
  • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions
  • Map data stored directly on your device without the need for a mobile data connection

Our experts are in in Dallas, Texas at GATS from 10AM-5PM today and tomorrow at Booth #18158.

Visit our booth for a CoPilot Truck GPS Navigation app discount code of 33% off and leave with some cool freebies! You can even enter to win the CoPilot Truck app for free while you’re at it!

Sale price is for a limited time only – don’t miss out on connection to real-time ActiveTraffic™ and millions of truck specific POIs.

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Safe & Attentive – Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distractions – they’re everywhere, but what happens when you’re the one who’s distracted and you’re behind the wheel? In 2013, 3,154 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.

April is dedicated to educating drivers about the dangers of this deadly epidemic. 

Distracted driving includes texting, eating and drinking, talking to passengers, grooming, reading, adjusting your music, and a long list of others. There are three main types of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive. When a driver is using a cell phone, all three of these become affected, making it the most unsafe situation for drivers, passengers, and others outside of the vehicle.

We understand that even navigation apps on a mobile device can be a distraction, which is why driver safety is at the heart of the design of our CoPilot navigation apps. CoPilot is designed specifically to help people keep their eyes on the road and not on the screen. We make sure the maps are decluttered and provide only the necessary information on the screen. The screen instructions are displayed large enough to be viewed from a distance and are also read out loud as voice-guided directions.

We urge you to review and follow these tips to reduce driver distractions while using mobile navigation in a car:

1. Always enter your destination location into your device prior to beginning the route. If your plans change mid-trip and you need to edit the destination, pull over to a rest stop or parking lot to re-enter the data.

2. Position your navigation device in a secure and visible location.

3. Keep your radio at a low volume so you are able to clearly hear the voice-guided directions.


At ALK, we also offer a navigation solution to help reduce driver distractions in the trucking industry. By entering vehicle dimensions or attributes such as load type, weight and vehicle size, into CoPilot Truck prior to departure, drivers are guided along the safest routes, helping to avoid dangerous situations like bridge strikes or driving on roads with weight limits.

Take a moment to look into the facts & statistics on the consequences of distracted driving and make your pledge to become a more attentive and safe driver today.

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How Valuable is Your Data?

World Backup Day Reminds Us of the Importance of Saving It All

Everyone can relate to that anxious feeling you get after losing or misplacing an important belonging. Now what about losing valuable data from your mobile phone, tablet, or essential software? Not everyone takes the time to backup and save that information in case of an accident. Fortunately for you and your data, today March 31st , is World Backup Day, so we’re giving you a friendly reminder!

Although many people will use today as a day to save their photos, contact lists, email, and the like, you should also consider taking the time to backup your PC*MILER software as well as the navigation data you’ve entered in your CoPilot app.

CoPilot users benefit from the CoPilot Cloud feature, which will automatically backup data, such as subscriptions, favorite places or maps. Not only will it save your information for you if you lose your device, but it also makes it possible to restore it if you choose to upgrade to another CoPilot version. Follow these step-by-step instructions to back up your CoPilot navigation app.

Within PC*MILER there are several customization files that you should consider backing up like your geofences, default routing options and road speeds. You have the choice of backing up specific files or you may also wish to backup the whole install directory. It’s as easy as highlighting and copying the files you want saved and pasting them into another location of your choice, such as a new folder or a different network drive.

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Keep Your Drivers Safe and Make Informed Decisions with ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts

The Northeast has already seen their share of ugly winter storms – Knife in Western New York and most recently, Juno along the coast. With the snow falling, questions like, “How will we get our load delivered on time?” and “Is my driver headed straight into a storm?” are being asked frequently. These concerns are minimized with Weather Alerts, the latest module available for the ALK Maps and PC*MILER Web Services platforms.

ALK’s Senior Product Manager, Rishi Mehra explains, “The Weather Alerts module automates the time-intensive process of actively tracking weather conditions across the U.S. as well as determining which alerts may affect drivers, then reroutes them to avoid hazardous conditions.” There are over 120 different alert types ranging from winter storm warnings to hurricane and flood alerts, which are provided by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 


Weather Alerts provides fleet managers and dispatchers with the tools they need to make informed decisions to keep their drivers safe and out of harm’s way. In turn, safe and happy drivers result in improving fleet productivity. Once the alerts are overlaid on the ALK Maps route-visualization platform, drivers are presented with the impact of the weather on their planned route and eventually rerouted to avoid the forecasted dangers.

ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts helps your fleet stay ahead of the curve, focusing on directing and preparing vehicles around dangerous situations before they happen. We understand the importance of keeping your fleet safe and efficient in unavoidable bad weather. Weather Alerts can help your company accomplish both.

To learn more about Weather Alerts and ALK Maps, click here

To view the latest press release, click here

FleetOwner highlights ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts

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ALK Maps Unveils Version 1.2 with Enhanced Visualization Tools

Adds improved satellite imagery and new user functionality

Princeton, New Jersey – August 19, 2014 – ALK Technologies, Inc., a global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, announced the release of its ALK® Maps interactive visualization platform version 1.2.  The new version focuses on product advancements for improved interactive visualization and responds to customer feedback for additional customization options.

ALK Maps version 1.2 enhancements include:

  • Satellite imagery from MapBox with an overlay of the Street network providing much higher resolution and faster performance
  • Spherical Mercator as the default mapping projection bringing it in line with industry standards for Web mapping applications
  • New zoom level to view street-level details with or without satellite imagery
  • Clustering of point features based on user rules and attributes
  • Ability to create Geodesic polygons
  • Option to customize color and opacity of route lines on the map for better visualizations

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