ALK January Round-Up

How was your January? Were you huddled up inside or out and about? January is a time for new resolutions and planning. ALKers around the globe have been busy braving the winter storms to plan ahead and prepare for the new year. We know one thing for sure: 2018 won’t be boring! Here are a couple of highlights from the past month and a look ahead:

A New Addition To The Family

Good news for fleet managers, integrators and truck drivers across the pond. After successfully launching our new CoPilot Truck website in the US last year, the site is now also available in the UK. You’re in Germany or France? Stay tuned, there will be news for you soon…

We’ve Been Busy


So what has been going outside our offices? The ALK business development team introduced our PLAN. DRIVE. ANALYZE campaign and talked through our navigation solutions at BluJay’s SOAR2018 conference in London.

At the end of the month, the North America business team attended the NITL (National Industrial Transportation League) Transportation Summit in Dallas, Texas to show how ALK Technologies helps move your goods swiftly, safely, and timely

Looking Forward

In 2017, ALK hired 50 new employees! Seven more employees were hired in January which is a great start for 2018. We are looking forward to welcoming more to our team in the months ahead. Read more about our opening positions on our careers page.

Come Visit

You’re looking for a chance to meet one of us in person to discuss how ALK can help your business with innovative transportation solutions? Here are some events we will attend in the next couple of weeks:

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Trusted Solutions for Shippers

With their position in the supply chain, shippers have a unique set of needs.

Goods need to be moved swiftly, safely, and timely. Whether a shipper needs a carrier to help accomplish their goals, or if they have a private fleet, utilizing rating, scheduling, and routing tools for business operations is vital.

With this information, shippers can:

  • Verify miles quoted by carriers
  • Understand comprehensive trip costs, including toll fees, to set a baseline for carrier bid analysis
  • Capture exact vehicle locations and precise ETAs
  • Create and share geofenced locations with specific entry and exit points
  • Receive notifications when vehicles enter and/or exit a facility


Want to learn more? Come visit ALK at some upcoming trade shows!

*NIT League Transportation Summit: January 29th- 31st, 2018

*TIA 2018 Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition: April 8th- 11th, 2018

*JDA Focus: May 6th- 9th, 2018

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December & 2017 Round-up


Whole year

2017 has gone very fast for the ALK team in the UK and in Europe with a lot of changes in the way we operate, many partner events & trade shows, and a better than ever team spirit across Europe. Last year, we have also made our big come back on the trade show scene in Europe and worked really hard to improve our partner relationships even more over here.

Overall, we took part in 21 partner events and trade shows across the European region, in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Belgium.




December has been quiet in London, with the usual industry slowdown around the festive season. However, all of us had a final chance to gather one last time before the new year for the annual Christmas party.

This time our German and French teams flew in and we all went to play ping-pong before heading to a traditional pub in London to enjoy our Christmas meal.



Finally, as part of a national initiative, we all wore our best Christmas jumpers as part of Christmas Jumper Day on December 15th, an initiative aimed at raising funds and awareness around the Save the Children charity.

On that same day, we also donated a bag of presents to the GOSH charity to brighten up Christmas time for the children of the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. 




Whole year

Like always, it was a very busy year for the North America team with trade shows and other events across the country. Partnerships definitely grew stronger this year which helped us get a better understanding of what is needed in the industry. We participated in 40 trade shows and conferences in 2017, even crossing over to Canada for one. We are all looking forward to an even better 2018!


Partner events and Trade Shows came to a complete stop once December came around. This gave the ALK team time to celebrate the successful year and begin planning for the year ahead. The Princeton team celebrated a festive holiday party at the Nassau Inn. There was also gift giving for lucky ALK raffle winners which everyone always enjoys watching just as much as winning!



For the first time, the Princeton office took part in office celebration “Ugly Holiday Sweater Day” for a good cause. For every ALKer that participated, a donation was made to a Women’s Space Inc., a local shelter for women and families that are impacted by domestic violence. The Princeton office also participated in donating charitable items to Women Aware.  December was definitely the season of giving for ALK as a whole.





As the one year anniversary of our internal Raise the Bar initiative is getting closer, we are happy to look back at the 11 events and initiatives organized over 2017, which have helped us to enhance communication between our teams and to participate in more charitable events than we ever did before.

Towards the end of the year, we launched a new CoPilot Truck website that now encompasses the CoPilot Professional and Consumer versions of the product all in one location.

As 2017 comes to an end, we thanked our customers and partners globally for another great year. This year we donated to several charitable organizations including nonprofits focused on helping those who serve the transportation industry.

Our customers and partners in the US received the holiday ecard below, which mentions our donation to St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund. For our London customers and partners, the holiday e-card mentions a donation made to the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport.

CoPilot Truck Has a New Home

We’re proud to announce the launch of – our brand new North American website completely dedicated to everything CoPilot Truck!




Here you’ll find how CoPilot Truck navigation works for fleets of all sizes, integration partners, and individual drivers.  Gain insight into our back-office enterprise fleet management tools, read up on commercial navigation best practices, and dive into our in-cab navigation features. Don’t forget to check out the resource library that includes training videos and in-depth feature sheets.


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ALK November Round-Up

As always, November has also gone by very quickly in Europe, with our participation in several shows and events throughout the month.

From a business point of view, we have taken part in two events across the continent: Trimble ITT  in Germany and the SOLUTRANS trade show in France.


We’ve also kept everyone cheered up during this cold period thanks to a Bowling night in London at the beginning of the month.



Last but not least, we carry on doing our best to give back to the community and undertake charitable activities.



The London team after planting trees at Horsenden Farm.



For this occasion, we organized our very first ALK Day of Service in London with the Trees for Cities charity.


On that day, the entire team went tree planting at the Horsenden Farm, in the outskirts of the city, in an effort to help creating greener cities and regrow urban forests. We planted around 300 small trees in total and had a lot of fun spending the day outside together!





As the year begins to come to an end, our ALKers still found themselves busy in Princeton!

North America wrapped up the year with two shows: NAPT Annual Conference and ISAAC Conference.


Our London Marketing team flew over to the states for a week visit in Princeton this month. The team enjoyed sight-seeing in New York City and evenings out to dinner with the team. The Marketing Teams also experienced The Amazing Escape Room! Though the mission was not accomplished, there were still lots of laughs.



The Princeton Fall Festival also took place this month. This year, the Princeton ALKers got to enjoy different types of mac and cheese, tater-tots, and pie!    




Throughout the month the Princeton office also had their 11th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive to help those locally in need. There was a huge showing this year for everyone, however, group 4 came out on top with a total of 425 items! What’s even better? The Princeton office collected 1,611 altogether, surpassing the total of 1,567 items from last year! Great job everyone!



Van Growth Drives Home Delivery

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the festive season coming closer, today we look at the way in which those on-screen clicks have fundamentally changed the traffic on our roads.

In the UK, a steady decline in heavy goods vehicles has led to the rise of the van. Smaller, more agile and capable of carrying a significant load in dense urban areas, the small to medium van is the largest sector of UK vehicle growth, lending itself perfectly for routes with regular stops such as parcel and grocery delivery. Such is their popularity, the number of vans on UK roads grew 33% between 2000 and 2014*, with van miles driven reaching 45 billion.

In the US, the size of geography means that heavy truck numbers have remained steady while vehicles for light loads split between vans and pickup trucks. Nevertheless the trend for van sales is still upwards with 17.4 million new vehicles set to hit the road this year, rising to 17.6 million by 2020.**

More vans = more emissions? Not necessarily…

With the introduction of city low emission zones and recent controversy relating to diesel engine calibration, there has been a very real move towards companies embracing electric powered vans, especially within towns. In the vanguard of this move is the postal, parcel and delivery sector, with operators such as the Royal Mail in the UK with 100 electric vans hitting the road in December 2017 and UPS in the US, who are looking to convert 1500 of its vehicles to electric serving New York City by 2020.

So what about navigation?

With electric vans still facing some limitations on battery range, using the optimal route has never been more important. With its portfolio of navigation and routing optimization options, ALK can provide vehicle specific solutions for vehicles of all sizes, thereby helping to turn those clicks to a delivery at your door.

*UK Department of Transport – Road Use Statistics 2016

UPS Wants to Convert 1,500 Delivery Trucks in NYC to Electric by 2020

Forecast the Road Ahead with Real-Time and Predictive Weather

Hurricanes along the gulf and eastern coasts, blizzards in the upper Midwest, tornadoes in the Great Plains, and severe heat waves in the west. No matter where your assets are, or what time of year it is, weather can have a serious impact on travel.


Did you know that traffic speeds on freeways can reduce as much as 13% with simply light rain and snow, and up to 40% with heavy snow?¹ Precipitation can also cause reduced visibility and slippery road surface conditions, resulting in vehicle traction issues, significantly increasing accident risk.


Weather conditions are constant – and constantly changing. Using real-time information and displays directly on a map can significantly reduce time spent manually researching using multiple systems to get the latest data, delays due to traffic as a result of weather conditions, and risks to driver safety.


Here are some of the weather overlays that can be deployed in various ALK solutions that will help you make the best business decision possible, while keeping drivers safe, and customers satisfied:


  • View real-time radar, color coded by severity, for areas affected by precipitation
  • Display a road surface condition layer, color coded by type, showing if roadways are wet, snow covered, or have ice
  • Weather alert areas, identified by colored polygons, showing winter weather advisories, severe wind, thunderstorms, flood warnings, etc. Alert details, including a short summary, effective and expiration times, and severity levels, are also provided







Remember, all of these overlays can be used on top of your route plans, so you can see the direct impact. From this information, you can decide how to best proceed.


The benefits of using weather data and display are clear as day… but here is a quick list, just in case:


  • Proactively detour drivers on safe, legal roads
  • Avoid costly delivery delays
  • Keep assets safe, drivers informed, and customers notified

Want more? Check out a detailed benefits list below:

After all, you can control your trucks, not the weather!


1 Road Weather Management Program,  US DOT FHA –

Princeton GIS Team Members Visit Chennai

Members from our Princeton GIS team had the opportunity to fly to our Chennai, India office for a two week visit.


Street in Chennai, India.
Erin, Mike and Mia with Jaghadesh, Chennai GIS Manager.

Since the Chennai team was created two years ago, managers both in the Princeton and Chennai office have been persistent about creating a more cohesive feel between both offices. And what better way to do that than to have team visits to the office! Mike, Mia and Erin can attest that this trip met it’s goal of getting to know our team on the other side of the world.


As one can imagine, not all roads are built like American roads and highways. Mike, Mia and Erin wanted to give the Chennai team a better understanding of what the road systems are like in North America. They also worked extensively on the conflation tool, which was designed in house and has been evolving over the last few years. 


Getting to know everyone in the Chennai office was also a vital objective of this trip. Will Bogetti and Andrew Singer were the first GIS members to visit the Chennai office when it only consisted of 15 members. They immediately saw the importance of having close ties among everyone on the team and wanted to ensure that they established and cultivated a strong relationship between both offices.



This trip accomplished just that! The Chennai team were very hospitable and made our Princeton GIS team feel right at home. Adarsh, GIS Lead of Alpha team at the Chennai office, even invited Mike, Mia and Erin over for dinner where him and his wife prepared a traditional south Indian meal served on a banana leaf.




Chennai’s smokey streets after a day of fireworks from Diwali.
Rangoli art lit with candles in the streets of Chennai during Diwali.

The Princeton team also happened to be visiting during Diwali, one of the most celebrated times of the year for India. Most people in India travel during this holiday to be with family and go to temple. However, Mike, Mia and Erin were able to celebrate the holiday with some GIS team members in Chennai and experience the culture it brings.


Throughout the day there were lots of fireworks, food, sweets and gifts. There was also a lot of Rangoli displayed on the streets of Chennai, which is sand art that decorates the streets during Diwali.







The Princeton GIS team thoroughly enjoyed themselves visiting our India office! The experience was one of a kind and it was due to the great hospitality that was provided from our Chennai team. We look forward to hosting members of our Chennai office in the near future!

Fuel Efficient Trucking 101

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that,

​”Twenty-seven percent of U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is from transportation. Transportation is the second leading source of GHG emissions in the United States, just behind electricity. Between 1990 and 2015, GHG emissions in the transportation sector increased more in absolute terms than any other sector.” Source

More specifically, medium and heavy-duty trucks contribute to 6.21% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US. But since the trucking industry is a vital backbone of the US economy, how can we reduce emissions, whilst continuing to move the industry forward and save costs for trucking companies?

Emissions generated by the trucking industry are not just an environmental concern: fuel efficiency also saves hard-earned dollars. In an industry where profit margins are getting ever smaller, every diesel drop counts.

How Fuel Efficient Trucking Can Help Your Business

In the last few years, regulations regarding emissions in the trucking industry have become stricter. Additionally, diesel prices have been on the rise again in recent months and since fossil fuels are a finite resource, this is an additional long-term concern. Increased fuel efficiency, which reduces emissions, is not just a way to address environmental concerns, but also a way to save dollars. Besides, consumers are increasingly taking into account sustainability when making purchase decisions. Supply chain sustainability certificates such as SmartWay (EPA) can give companies an edge over their competitors.

USEPA SmartWay Logo

From Theory To Practice

Enough with the gray theory….how can we put increased fuel efficiency into practice? Big companies as diverse as Walmart and Tesla are looking at ways to make trucking more efficient. Several models of hybrid trucks and fully electric trucks are being tested or are already deployed on the streets. Additionally, the design of a truck can help reduce fuel consumption by using aerodynamic modelling. Another aspect is engine efficiency and using filters to reduce emissions.

However, not everyone can immediately afford to purchase the newest hybrid truck on the market. Fortunately, there are some practical tips in  getting more miles out of a full tank. First, removing additional weight from the truck helps reduce overall fuel costs. Second, maintaining a steady speed while driving, using cruise control and minimizing idling time, will help the trucker decrease fuel consumption. And finally, planning efficient routes with dedicated truck-specific GPS navigation will limit out-of-route mileage.

How Can CoPilot Truck Increase Your Fuel Efficiency?

CoPilot Truck allows you to plan trips that are optimized for your vehicle, your load, and the number of stops you need to make. Save money by reducing fuel usage with less time wasted on out-of-route miles. In addition, you can enter up to 100 stops and CoPilot Truck will calculate the most efficient route by organizing the stops into the most logical order.


How Mapping & Navigation Tools Ensure Every Child Gets to and from School Safely

Did you know that school bus carriers operate the largest mass transportation fleet in the country with an estimated 480,000 yellow school buses traveling across the U.S. daily? In fact, the average school bus fleet is 2.5 times the size of all other forms of mass transportation combined! With 26 million students being transported on school buses everyday,  mapping and navigation for fleets and drivers is critical1.


Fleets with buses have a unique set of challenges:

  • Specific pick-up and drop off time windows
  • Need for efficient routing for bus utilization and quick, real-time route recalculation if a detour is required
  • Quick response  when a maintenance issue or emergency arises
  • Staying on-time by avoiding traffic and unsafe road conditions
  • Substitute driver learning curve
  • Parents or guardians wanting current location information or school arrival confirmation for their child(ren)


Mapping and navigation technology can have a significant positive impact on fleets who need to address these challenges in order to make their operations more efficient. From live visualization of bus locations to giving drivers voice guided turn-by-turn directions, fleets can build customized solutions that route and monitor buses or integrate navigation for efficiency, safety, and compliance.

We’ve worked with fleets and partners who specialize in K-12. Here are some of ALK’s mapping and routing features that have been built and incorporated to create a custom solution:


Mapping & Routing Examples

  • Build multi-stop route plans with advanced route optimization that incorporates stop time windows as well as side of street routing
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles that include ETAs
  • Current traffic and weather display, including actual road surface conditions (wet, slippery, etc.) for advanced planning around potential delays and dangerous areas
  • Street-level satellite map views
  • Geofencing boundaries and locations for alerts when a driver enters or exits a pre-defined area
  • Route compliance and performance analysis, down to each bus


A companion solution to our web-based mapping and routing platform is CoPilot Professional, ALK’s voice guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Built using the same location engine at its core, CoPilot will generate the same route plans with vehicle-specific restrictions, notify drivers of upcoming traffic congestion, and provide realistic ETAs.


  • Improved driver adoption and overall safety with a driver friendly user interface designed to reduce driver distraction
  • Seamless integration with leading fleet management solutions providing accurate ETAs to parents, schools or driver managers
  • Ideal for substitute drivers, new drivers and field trips
  • On-board maps stored locally on the device, providing offline navigation with quick route calculation and automatic re-route calculation


Our K-12 expert, Jon Spiewak, is currently at the NAPT (National Association for Pupil Transportation) 43rd Annual Summit. Get a guided tour of our mapping and navigation solutions on Tuesday, November 7 at booth 338.