Transport America Case Study: The 5 Benefits of Weather Alerts


We recently caught up with Tom Benusa, CIO at Transport America about how his team has incorporated Weather Alerts to provide a safer more efficient driving environment for its fleet.

His experiences provide a number of insights. Here are our top five takeaways from how Transport America has benefited from Weather Alerts:


  1. Save Time

Tom says Weather Alerts saves his team between 15 and 20 hours during busy winter weeks. It does this by allowing his team to identify trucks in jeopardy of encountering severe weather and communicates this to them much quicker than before.


  1. Improve Safety

Transport America has seen a reduction in Department of Transport reportable accidents on snow-covered roads from 19 in the winter of 2013-14 to just three last winter. While there are obviously a lot of factors at play here, Tom puts a special emphasis on the positive impact Weather Alerts has had in helping bring this number down.


  1. Be Analytical

Beyond safety and efficiency there’s a more direct business benefit. Weather Alerts has introduced a level of analytics that allows Transport America to understand the cost of rerouting around bad weather.

This analysis means that it can pass on some rerouting costs to customers reducing the financial impacts of bad weather.


  1. Be Innovative

Under the guidance of Tom, Transport America has continued to innovate and build upon the platform to better serve the business’ needs.

This past summer it developed a way to alert drivers that are moving towards a tornado or severe thunderstorm.  Given the short life of these types of events, Transport America is now able to alert drivers far enough away to give them the opportunity to stop short of the weather, but not too far so that it would be passed by the time they got to the alert area.


  1. Empower drivers

Beyond the business impacts, the driver sees a real difference in their day jobs from Weather Alerts. Tom says that drivers appreciate the information being delivered directly to them, and they appreciate knowing that those in the office are aware of what they are facing.

Tom says that Weather Alerts helps Transport America reinforce its empowerment message to drivers: They’re the captains of their ship and if weather dictates they should shut down, then that is what they should do.


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YRC Worldwide Inc. Chief Customer Officer Justin Hall to Keynote the 2017 ALK Transportation Technology Summit

Keynote Speaker Announced

Justin M. Hall
Chief Customer Officer

YRC Worldwide Inc.


It is with great excitement we announce YRC Worldwide Inc.’s Chief Customer Officer Justin M. Hall as the official 2017 ALK Transportation Technology Summit Keynote speaker.

Mr. Hall oversees the design and deployment of innovative technology, supply chain and transportation solutions for YRC Worldwide Inc., the holding company for YRC Freight, YRC Reimer, Holland, Reddaway and New Penn.  In his current role, he focuses on strengthening the customer experience, as well as developing strategic growth opportunities for the company.  YRC Worldwide Inc. was recently ranked as the #5 For-Hire Carrier in Transport Topics’ Top 100 list. Read his complete bio here.

Stay tuned! Additional speakers will be announced shortly.

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Winter is Coming. Plan with proactive weather displays and alerts to keep your assets safe.

With winter on the horizon, fleet managers are preparing for the busiest and most dangerous time of the year. The holiday season will see fleets at full capacity and road conditions will become increasingly hazardous with freezing rain, sleet and snow.

Many fleets still manually review weather reports to help drivers navigate environmental hazards. However, it is impossible to provide accurate and timely reports through manual research. By the time the information reaches drivers, it’s usually too late and they are reacting to old information.

Not only does this reduce the optimization of routes, costing businesses money, but the safety of drivers and security of cargo is at risk, too.

The Weather Alerts module in ALK® MapsTM can make manual reporting a thing of the past. It pulls in severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and can be directly integrated with internal alert systems. Additionally, it’s real-time, meaning accurate and timely information is always available for fleet managers and their drivers.





Transport America recently integrated Weather Alerts into its fleet logistics system and has seen a number of benefits, including the ability to proactively contact drivers and make sure they are aware of weather situations and ensure their safe passage. Transport America is also using Weather Alerts to look ahead at future routes to understand which ones might be affected by weather. They have the information far enough in advance to make the decision to re-route ahead of storms or, if needed, reach out to clients to schedule earlier or later pickups and deliveries.

Did we mention that the Transport America’s use of ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts won them the CCJ Innovator of the Year Award?

ALK published a Case Study on Transport America’s integration of its Weather Alerts Module. Check out the whole story!





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Compliance Counts – How CoPilot Truck Keeps Fleets Ahead of the Curve

Adhering to ever changing regulations can prove to be a headache for any driver manager or driver. Staying complaint on the road isn’t a goal anymore, it’s a necessity. By incorporating truck-specific navigation into your fleet, ensure that the regulations needed to stay compliant on the road are factored into your route from the beginning.

Help keep your drivers compliant on the road ahead:

  • Detour function quickly identifies an alternate safe truck-legal route
  • Posted speed limit display, plus audio and visual alerts, notify a driver when they’ve been speeding
  • Safely maneuver between lane changes with real road signage and lane assist guidance
  • Save multiple pre-defined and custom truck routing profiles based on vehicle size and class to ensure safety and compliance to regulations


For information on how to keep your drivers compliant visit


compliance-counts-1     compliance-counts-2-use-this-one


Protecting the Driver & Others on the Road – How CoPilot Truck Puts Safety First

screenshot_2016-05-06-14-40-44                                 screenshot_2016-05-07-11-05-57


Safety is one of the top concerns for any fleet – knowing that how safe a driver is on the road impacts far beyond the road itself. Minimizing driver distraction and interaction with technology in the cab is a huge piece of the puzzle.  By using a navigation software that is specifically designed for guiding trucks, drivers can stay safe each trip and every mile.  

With CoPilot Truck, keep your drivers safe above all else:

  • Reliable, and accurate industry standard PC*MILER routing
  • Familiar, driver-friendly designed UI featuring visual and audio guidance
  • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names from origin to destination
  • Clear, non-distracting 3D and 2D map views and a Driver Safety View for at-a-glance instructions
  • Motion Lock control to prevent a driver from making changes while the cab is in motion
  • Advance notice of upcoming lane changes with lane assist guidance

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To Our Veterans, ALK Salutes You



On Veterans Day, and every day, we would like to say thank you to all the men and women who have bravely served and continue to serve our country. We thank our veterans and their families for the sacrifices that they have made and the dedication to keeping us safe.

Former military are particularly valuable to the transportation industry. Through their time in the service they have gained a unique and valuable set of skills that give them a competitive edge as they transition back into the civilian workforce. ALK is proud to be considered among an industry that not only acknowledges the value in our servicemen but has put procedures in place to help them find employment once they are home.

Now more than ever, the transportation industry is looking at veterans specifically to become commercial truck drivers. Their military training gives them the situational awareness, dependability, leadership, and mental stamina that is required to be a safe and successful truck driver.

Additionally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has now made it even easier for veterans with experience safely operating trucks or buses equivalent to civilian vehicles to become commercial drivers. Visit to learn more about qualifying for the Military Skills Test Waiver Program.

Thank you to all veterans, past and present.

‘Back to School’ Made Simple for Bus Drivers Using CoPilot® Integrated Navigation




The school year is back in full swing, and with the return of pencils and books, some students may experience a bit of the blues. Parents can also feel the stress, but far beyond simply making sure their child’s coats are buttoned up on a blustery day at the bus stop. And if you manage a fleet of school buses, not only must you consider a parent’s worry for their child’s safety, but you are also presented with your own tasks for promoting safe and efficient transportation. Reliable route planning and navigation technology plays a critical role in addressing these concerns and helping school bus drivers to safely, and promptly, bring that busload of students to their destination each day.

Whether you’re handing a prescribed route to a seasoned driver, a substitute less familiar with the area, or perhaps someone brand new to the profession, a key to successfully managing your fleet is to provide navigation that keeps a driver on schedule while maintaining a safe speed and following other restrictions or when facing less than optimal conditions on the road. Understanding that a GPS solution that considers side-of-street routing, as well as accurate ETAs, is just one essential piece of the solution, ALK Technologies and Synovia Solutions have teamed up to help K-12 fleets increase driver and passenger safety, shorten the driver on-boarding process, and help to save time and money overall.

This new partnership was announced at the NAPT Annual Summit in Kansas City, MO where a representative from each company was available to answer questions about CoPilot integrated navigation on Synovia’s Mobile Data Terminal. Read more here or contact for a demo.

ALK Technologies Partners with Delta Valley Ag to Provide Routing, Navigation and Map Visualization for Agribusiness Applications

Integration provides a complete mobile solution that improves logistics and operations for farmers, shippers and drivers

Princeton, N.J. – November 7, 2016 – ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, today announced that Delta Valley Ag LLC has incorporated ALK’s routing, mileage, mapping and navigation solutions into its AgLoads™ mobile application. Delta Valley Ag provides agriculture industry professionals with innovative solutions to simplify the workday of agribusinesses and farmers with easy-to-use technology.

“Logistics execution is the foundation for business growth and success in the agriculture industry. AgLoads wants to disrupt the current inefficiency and disorganization of today’s processes with a simple, easy-to-use app that provides customers with more time to focus on the bottom line,” said Chris Spurlock, Co-founder and CEO, Delta Valley Ag.

To achieve the goal of streamlining efficiency for farmers, shippers and drivers across the complete agriculture supply chain, the AgLoads mobile dispatch application features:

  • ALK® Maps with PC*MILER® Web Services for route planning with commercial vehicle routing and restrictions and high-quality map visualization for real-time fleet tracking and load assignment
  • CoPilot® Truck™ in-cab navigation, for safe, commercial vehicle specific voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions

By combining ALK Maps with Delta Valley’s AgLoads, farmers can visualize loads and grade information (including test weight and moisture levels) as well as receive precise estimated times of arrival of trucks, while shippers can view their fleet location information, all in real-time. To assist large and small truck fleet drivers, as well as owner/operators, CoPilot Truck offers reliable, paperless on board navigation with map data stored directly on the device, allowing for constant access to routing and mapping in any out of coverage area.

“Smart planning and efficient operations in farming is vital to business productivity and success,” said Dan Popkin, senior vice president, enterprise solutions, ALK Technologies. “Our routing, mapping, and navigation features and functionality can be applied across various industries, and we are excited to integrate with Delta Valley Ag who is offering an innovative mobile dispatch application built specifically for agriculture.”

Built on the same source of commercial map data, ALK Maps and CoPilot Truck generate the same optimized routes for both the dispatcher and the driver, ensuring consistency between the planned and driven routes. The AgLoads application can be set with pre-defined and custom commercial vehicle routing profiles based on vehicle size and class to ensure safety and compliance during planning and execution.

For more information on ALK Maps, PC*MILER, and CoPilot Truck, visit

About Delta Valley Ag LLC

Delta Valley Ag, LLC is an agriculture-focused technology company dedicated to simplifying the workdays of shippers and farmers in agribusiness. By creating simple, easy-to-use applications, DVA plans to help shippers and farmers streamline daily processes so they can focus on business growth. As long time agriculture professionals, DVA sees a need to propel agribusiness to current times by utilizing well-built technology solutions for every person involved in the supply chain. This includes real-time communication between parties, accurate record logging and load information in the palm of your hand. For more information about Delta Valley Ag’s newest application or to be a part of the free Beta test, visit

About ALK Technologies

ALK Technologies is a transportation technology company dedicated to defining the optimal route to success through innovative routing, mileage, mapping and mobile navigation solutions. From trusted industry standard data to seamless integration, ALK solutions are developed for a broad range of industries, workforces, and everyday drivers on the road. For over 30 years, its suite of powerful solutions, including PC*MILER, CoPilot, and ALK Maps, have set the foundation for safe and efficient journeys worldwide – one mile, one driver, one vehicle at a time. ALK is a Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) Company and part of its international Transportation and Logistics Division, visit:

Inside Scoop: PC*MILER’s Top 5 Most Asked Technical Support Questions


You asked, we answered.

With so many PC*MILER customers, there are bound to be a few frequently asked questions that come across our technical support teams’ desks. We enlisted one of our top Technical Support Managers to give us the inside scoop on today’s 5 most common support questions.


1. How do I move PC*MILER to a new/different computer?


Each PC*MILER installation has a license.  A PC*MILER license can be moved to a new/different machine at any time.  But, to do so, it must first be deactivated from its current machine.

Detailed instructions can be found on page 39 in the User Guide.


2. When using a Multi-User Network license, how can I see where my licenses are used?


On the server, PC*MILER has a log file that tracks each machine that has PC*MILER installed. The log displays how many licenses each machine is currently using in real time.  

Default Location: C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILER30\App

File Name: pcm_server.log



3. How can I add Custom Locations/Places into PC*MILER?


PC*MILER gives you the capability to assign your own custom names to an unlimited number of locations in the PC*MILER database, and optionally to assign them to custom categories. Follow the steps on page 94 of the User Guide for step-by-step instructions.


4. Where can I find system requirements and installation instructions?


Before installing PC*MILER, please make sure that you have the required hardware and software configuration. All PC*MILER software, databases and auxiliary files are provided with the PC*MILER installation.

System Requirements:
PC*MILER is currently available through the following platforms:

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10* running in 32-bit compatibility mode as well as support
    for 64-bit native applications on Windows 7 and 8
  • AS/400
  • UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Sun-Solaris) and Linux™
  • Citrix Metaframe and TCP/IP functionality for use with other platforms
  • Windows Server (Windows Server 2012, Terminal Servers, and Server 2008
    including Server 2008 R2 running in 32-bit compatibility mode for the
    PC*MILER user interface and on 64-bit processors for PC*MILER Connect,
    Mapping, BatchPro, and Spreadsheets)

Each platform has an individualized breakdown of requirements that can be found on page 18 of the User Guide.

For complete, step-by-step installation instructions, please see page 23 of the User Guide.


5. Why did my license expire (-706 Error)


The PC*MILER license is tied to the Hardware ID of the machine it is licensed to.  This is done to prevent piracy of the software (i.e., stop the ability to install 1 license on multiple machines).  If the hardware configuration of a machine is changed, that will cause the license to receive a -706 error.  When a user receives this error they should contact PC*MILER Support for assistance.  To avoid this issue, a user can deactivate their license prior to making their hardware changes and then re-activate once the changes are complete.




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