Plan. Drive. Analyze – What Is The ALK Platform?

What Is The ALK Platform?

Although every journey is unique, businesses still require predictability in terms of time and cost. Therefore companies need access to a planning, driving and analysis platform that provides flexibility and customisation for your business.

ALK’s platform is a location powered toolset for every part of the journey. We offer a flexible routing, mapping, mileage and navigation platform. It is rooted in rich commercial vehicle data and powered by our location engine at the core.

Who Will It Help?

Whether you are an end user, looking to enhance your mobility workflow solution or a partner, we can help.  Our functionality can be used individually, or as a complete set for the highest level of operational accuracy and consistency. We work across a broad range of industries including Post, Parcel and Courier, Oil and Gas, the Emergency Services and Utilities. The ALK platform consists of these three core components:

PlanThe first step of every journey is planning. With ALK’s platform, you will be able to build accurate, optimized and efficient routes:

  • Generate accurate mileage results and drive times through the last mile with address to address routing
  • Predictive routing based on real-time and historic traffic and weather conditions
  • Easily compare alternative route options by displaying the distance, drive times, and toll costs for each route in the same window
  • Set vehicle and route profiles to keep drivers and assets safe on legal roads
  • Input mandatory rest periods and SLA time windows into the route planning for accurate ETAs
  • Visualize the driver’s route



You have planned your optimal route? Time to follow it. Guide drivers with safe, efficient navigation:

  • Safe, accurate commercial vehicle routing
  • Intuitive, non-distracting clear 2D, 3D map guidance views
  • Fast, automatic route generation and re-calculation directly on the device
  • Advance road warnings of potential driver hazards
  • Offline navigation for constant access to reliable routing and maps in out of coverage areas

Tools: CoPilot Pro, CoPilot Truck

AnalyzeThe drive is over, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Improve your future routes by integrating post-trip visualization & reporting:

  • Monitor driver adherence to planned vs driven route to maximize operational efficiency 
  • Streamline management of in-cab navigation with web-based remote configuration tools
  • Create, manage and sync custom location content for precise routing
  • Analyze performance across the entire fleet or drill down to each driver
  • Continuously improve routing and ETAs for a better customer experience


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Beyond The Maps – A Look Into GIS

What Is GIS?

“A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data.” (Source) Since ALK is a company that relies on quality map data, our GIS team is the backbone to our location engine and ALK’s platform. Our GIS team has been working on various projects ranging from updating route numbers, to truck attribution and conflation, which is a tool that was created in-house.

How Conflation Works

Conflation describes the merging of an outside data source with our ALK’s data. First, we look at our existing map data. Second, they find differences between our existing and new outside data sources. Third, the team determines ground truth and edits the map data accordingly. Our GIS team uses a variety of sources to conflate data and to create high quality map data for our customers.


The basic geometry & attributionis made up of data from different sources, including national, state, county postal and satellite data. Truck attribution has these same elements plus municipal, toll authorities and company lists for sites. In Europe, we work with HERE Maps to provide high-quality maps and commercial attributes.

Truck Attribution – A Unique Value Add-On

Getting lost in an unfamiliar area is probably one of the most inconvenient things to happen while travelling. But getting lost while driving a trailer or haul truck in an unfamiliar area could turn into a nightmare. When trucks get incorrectly routed, it can result in serious damage and dangerous situations. Not all navigation systems account for a vehicle’s size and weight. Appropriate map data and navigation specific to trucking are crucial for driver safety and your company’s budget. For example, bridge strikes that occur in the US and the UK can cause damage to the truck, goods being hauled, the infrastructure itself, and can potentially harm the truck driver or other road users. On top of any damages, these types of accidents can also result in huge fines for driving on a truck-restricted road.


For this reason, ALK places such importance on providing the correct truck attributes. ALK offers a unique value add-on with truck attributes such as: height (vertical clearances), weight, no through trucks (city/county/municipal truck routes), time of day, state and national network (53’, twin trailer, and/or 102” wide designated routes) and hazardous materials. Find out more about CoPilot Truck can help empower you and your business >

You Can Help

Our GIS team are busy at work to keep map data up-to-date and provide quality truck attribution data, but there is also a way you can help improve our maps to ensure they are as accurate as they can be. With our easy-to-use, online map reporting tool MapSure you can help enhance our maps more quickly. ALK MapSure is a free tool available to all ALK customers using PC*MILER, ALK Maps or any of our CoPilot solutions in North America. Find out more about ALK MapSure >

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ALK Road Closure Alert: Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

Closure will take place from October 20 at 8 p.m. until October 30 at 5:30 a.m. Click here for additional closure information.

The maps in the following ALK solutions have been automatically updated to reflect the road closure:

  • PC*MILER Web Services
  • ALK Maps
  • PC*MILER Web

PC*MILER desktop customers:
We suggest you use the “Avoid Roads” feature to bypass the road closure. For complete instructions on how to use the feature, please reference Chapter 12 of the PC*MILER User Guide.

The “Avoid Roads” feature can be found in the “Tools” tab.


On the map, the cursor will now appear with a minus or plus sign. Click on the road segment(s) to be avoided.


IMPORTANT: Your avoid/favor preferences will affect routing only when Routing Preferences > Custom Roads > Use Avoid/Favors is selected in the Route Options dialog or current route profile. This option is turned off by default.

Done! You’ll now be routed around the road closure.

ALK Map Data: Built for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial map data is the core of our business. At ALK, we have a team of GIS and mapping specialists that dedicate every hour of every day to ensure our premium-quality, street-level map of the North American road network is the most comprehensive and accurate source for our customers. These maps form the basis of our commercial brands in North America and are relied on by millions of drivers and more than 22,000 motor carriers, private fleets and third party logistics companies every day.

Our portfolio of transportation solutions offer the most comprehensive set of commercial truck restrictions in North America. It’s what defines us as the trusted industry standard for safe, accurate and reliable routing, mileage, mapping and navigation.

Check out what our robust set of commercial map data includes:

Join Us at the Transport & Logistic Trade Show – Munich, Germany

The Transport & Logistic show will kick off in two weeks in Munich, Germany. It is the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management.

Are you ready? We are!

Our German team and German-speaking London-based colleagues will be at the event from May 9-12 to tell you more about ALK. Pop in to our booth in Hall 2, Stand 233 for a live demo of our CoPilot Truck, Advanced Route Optimization, and ALK Maps solutions, and to learn more about how to integrate ALK to your own applications.

Don’t forget to get your visitor pass for the trade show and come meet us to learn more about ALK Maps and CoPilot Truck:


In the meantime, find out more about CoPilot Truck and ALK Maps here.

ALK Road Closure Alert – I-85 Atlanta, GA

Please be advised I-85 in Atlanta, GA near Piedmont Road has been closed due to a collapse.  If this road closure affects your business or travels:


  • ALK Maps, PC*MILER Web Services & PC*MILER|Web customers – We have updated the map data for these products to avoid the road closure.
  • PC*MILER Install customers –  We suggest you use PC*MILER’s Custom Roads Manager feature to avoid the road closure.  For information on how to use the feature, please reference Chapter 12 of the PC*MILER User Guide.


If you have additional issues or questions, please contact ALK Support at


We will inform you when the road is reopened.

STELLA! Don’t Let Storms Like Winter Storm Stella Hurt Your Bottom Line

As Winter Storm Stella is in the process of delivering more than a foot of snow to the east coast of the United States make sure your fleets are prepared for any unpredictable weather conditions.


With large storms such as this one, weather conditions can go from manageable to a complete white out in a matter of minutes. Hazardous weather will likely not only delay prompt delivery of goods but more importantly put drivers and pedestrians at a higher risk of accident. Keeping your drivers updated on potential weather conditions can be the difference between a smooth delivery and a disastrous one.


Many fleets currently depend on manually reviewing weather reports to re-route drivers around these harsh weather conditions. This forces back office support to constantly be up against the clock and make critical decisions based more off of guess work than certainty.
Take some of the guess work out of the equation with PC*MILER|Weather and ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts. You can now view radar and weather alerts directly on the map and identify when your route plans are scheduled to travel through storms like Stella.



  • Quickly identify weather conditions on the map with optional radar, cloud, and alert overlays
  • Receive an alert in the route plan if a route is scheduled to pass through a predicted weather alert zone
  • View a comprehensive report that details the alert, effective and expiration times, certainty, severity, and urgency rating for the planned route
  • Make critical decisions about routing drivers around hazardous areas
  • Notify drivers and customers of potential delivery delays


ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts

  • Visualize live weather data
  • View potential impacts to route plans
  • Send alerts to managers for improved decision making

To learn more about how ALK’s solutions can benefit your fleet, visit ALK Maps and PC*MILER today.

Transport America Case Study: The 5 Benefits of Weather Alerts


We recently caught up with Tom Benusa, CIO at Transport America about how his team has incorporated Weather Alerts to provide a safer more efficient driving environment for its fleet.

His experiences provide a number of insights. Here are our top five takeaways from how Transport America has benefited from Weather Alerts:


  1. Save Time

Tom says Weather Alerts saves his team between 15 and 20 hours during busy winter weeks. It does this by allowing his team to identify trucks in jeopardy of encountering severe weather and communicates this to them much quicker than before.


  1. Improve Safety

Transport America has seen a reduction in Department of Transport reportable accidents on snow-covered roads from 19 in the winter of 2013-14 to just three last winter. While there are obviously a lot of factors at play here, Tom puts a special emphasis on the positive impact Weather Alerts has had in helping bring this number down.


  1. Be Analytical

Beyond safety and efficiency there’s a more direct business benefit. Weather Alerts has introduced a level of analytics that allows Transport America to understand the cost of rerouting around bad weather.

This analysis means that it can pass on some rerouting costs to customers reducing the financial impacts of bad weather.


  1. Be Innovative

Under the guidance of Tom, Transport America has continued to innovate and build upon the platform to better serve the business’ needs.

This past summer it developed a way to alert drivers that are moving towards a tornado or severe thunderstorm.  Given the short life of these types of events, Transport America is now able to alert drivers far enough away to give them the opportunity to stop short of the weather, but not too far so that it would be passed by the time they got to the alert area.


  1. Empower drivers

Beyond the business impacts, the driver sees a real difference in their day jobs from Weather Alerts. Tom says that drivers appreciate the information being delivered directly to them, and they appreciate knowing that those in the office are aware of what they are facing.

Tom says that Weather Alerts helps Transport America reinforce its empowerment message to drivers: They’re the captains of their ship and if weather dictates they should shut down, then that is what they should do.


For more information on ALK Maps visit:

Winter is Coming. Plan with proactive weather displays and alerts to keep your assets safe.

With winter on the horizon, fleet managers are preparing for the busiest and most dangerous time of the year. The holiday season will see fleets at full capacity and road conditions will become increasingly hazardous with freezing rain, sleet and snow.

Many fleets still manually review weather reports to help drivers navigate environmental hazards. However, it is impossible to provide accurate and timely reports through manual research. By the time the information reaches drivers, it’s usually too late and they are reacting to old information.

Not only does this reduce the optimization of routes, costing businesses money, but the safety of drivers and security of cargo is at risk, too.

The Weather Alerts module in ALK® MapsTM can make manual reporting a thing of the past. It pulls in severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and can be directly integrated with internal alert systems. Additionally, it’s real-time, meaning accurate and timely information is always available for fleet managers and their drivers.





Transport America recently integrated Weather Alerts into its fleet logistics system and has seen a number of benefits, including the ability to proactively contact drivers and make sure they are aware of weather situations and ensure their safe passage. Transport America is also using Weather Alerts to look ahead at future routes to understand which ones might be affected by weather. They have the information far enough in advance to make the decision to re-route ahead of storms or, if needed, reach out to clients to schedule earlier or later pickups and deliveries.

Did we mention that the Transport America’s use of ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts won them the CCJ Innovator of the Year Award?

ALK published a Case Study on Transport America’s integration of its Weather Alerts Module. Check out the whole story!





The ALK Maps platform has limitless possibilities. Please complete our contact form and one of our dedicated ALK Maps experts will contact you to schedule a personalized, tailored demo to fit your specific business needs.

ALK Technologies Partners with Delta Valley Ag to Provide Routing, Navigation and Map Visualization for Agribusiness Applications

Integration provides a complete mobile solution that improves logistics and operations for farmers, shippers and drivers

Princeton, N.J. – November 7, 2016 – ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, today announced that Delta Valley Ag LLC has incorporated ALK’s routing, mileage, mapping and navigation solutions into its AgLoads™ mobile application. Delta Valley Ag provides agriculture industry professionals with innovative solutions to simplify the workday of agribusinesses and farmers with easy-to-use technology.

“Logistics execution is the foundation for business growth and success in the agriculture industry. AgLoads wants to disrupt the current inefficiency and disorganization of today’s processes with a simple, easy-to-use app that provides customers with more time to focus on the bottom line,” said Chris Spurlock, Co-founder and CEO, Delta Valley Ag.

To achieve the goal of streamlining efficiency for farmers, shippers and drivers across the complete agriculture supply chain, the AgLoads mobile dispatch application features:

  • ALK® Maps with PC*MILER® Web Services for route planning with commercial vehicle routing and restrictions and high-quality map visualization for real-time fleet tracking and load assignment
  • CoPilot® Truck™ in-cab navigation, for safe, commercial vehicle specific voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions

By combining ALK Maps with Delta Valley’s AgLoads, farmers can visualize loads and grade information (including test weight and moisture levels) as well as receive precise estimated times of arrival of trucks, while shippers can view their fleet location information, all in real-time. To assist large and small truck fleet drivers, as well as owner/operators, CoPilot Truck offers reliable, paperless on board navigation with map data stored directly on the device, allowing for constant access to routing and mapping in any out of coverage area.

“Smart planning and efficient operations in farming is vital to business productivity and success,” said Dan Popkin, senior vice president, enterprise solutions, ALK Technologies. “Our routing, mapping, and navigation features and functionality can be applied across various industries, and we are excited to integrate with Delta Valley Ag who is offering an innovative mobile dispatch application built specifically for agriculture.”

Built on the same source of commercial map data, ALK Maps and CoPilot Truck generate the same optimized routes for both the dispatcher and the driver, ensuring consistency between the planned and driven routes. The AgLoads application can be set with pre-defined and custom commercial vehicle routing profiles based on vehicle size and class to ensure safety and compliance during planning and execution.

For more information on ALK Maps, PC*MILER, and CoPilot Truck, visit

About Delta Valley Ag LLC

Delta Valley Ag, LLC is an agriculture-focused technology company dedicated to simplifying the workdays of shippers and farmers in agribusiness. By creating simple, easy-to-use applications, DVA plans to help shippers and farmers streamline daily processes so they can focus on business growth. As long time agriculture professionals, DVA sees a need to propel agribusiness to current times by utilizing well-built technology solutions for every person involved in the supply chain. This includes real-time communication between parties, accurate record logging and load information in the palm of your hand. For more information about Delta Valley Ag’s newest application or to be a part of the free Beta test, visit

About ALK Technologies

ALK Technologies is a transportation technology company dedicated to defining the optimal route to success through innovative routing, mileage, mapping and mobile navigation solutions. From trusted industry standard data to seamless integration, ALK solutions are developed for a broad range of industries, workforces, and everyday drivers on the road. For over 30 years, its suite of powerful solutions, including PC*MILER, CoPilot, and ALK Maps, have set the foundation for safe and efficient journeys worldwide – one mile, one driver, one vehicle at a time. ALK is a Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) Company and part of its international Transportation and Logistics Division, visit: