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ALK Icon ALK Technologies Introduces PC*MILER|Rates

Provides a Cloud-Based, Real-Time Rating Service for the Shippers, Brokers and 3PLs

Princeton, N.J. – February 10, 2016 – ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, today announced the latest addition to its suite of transportation solutions, PC*MILER|Rates.  Developed with leading transportation management software provider 3GTMS, PC*MILER|Rates provides shippers, brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) with quick, accurate real-time rate calculations and options for multiple less-than-truckload (LTL) and small package carriers.  This provides customers the information to assist in carrier selection and efficiently manage the cost side of their transportation services.

“Shippers, brokers and 3PLs need to be able to quickly and easily compare rates between carriers to make the best decision for their business,” said Bill Maddox, vice president of sales, ALK Technologies.  “Working with 3GTMS, we are pleased to provide a service that enables companies to efficiently manage their carrier contracts and determine exact pricing on demand.”

With PC*MILER|Rates a company’s existing carrier contracts are uploaded directly into the system, erasing the complexity and hassle of the rate setup, and are continuously available for immediate calculations. Rates are calculated based on account tariffs, freight class, total weight and accessorial fees, allowing  shippers, brokers and 3PLs to identify a true cost for billing, auditing and accurate reconciliation.

“All logistics professionals can drive benefits with fast and accurate access to their rating options,” said Mitch Weseley, CEO of 3GTMS. “Working with ALK on PC*MILER|Rates makes a new level of efficiency and usability available to more companies.”

PC*MILER|Rates populates the carrier and rate information by first having the user enter their shipment information including weight, freight, class, and origin/destination.  The cloud-based solution then simultaneously retrieves multiple rates and detailed carrier information.  Rates can be chosen immediately or exported for additional analytics or research.  PC*MILER|Rates can be used as a standalone service or integrated with any TMS system.

An educational session on PC*MILER|Rates will be held at ALK’s Interactive Training Program on Thursday, March 24th at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas in Dallas, Texas.  View the event website for more information and to register.

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About 3GTMS
3GTMS delivers order to settlement transportation management software (3G-TM) for shippers, brokers and 3PLs focusing on simplifying the process of complex transportation management. Built as a single system, 3G-TM manages the full transportation lifecycle including: rating, routing (including multi-stop and pool distribution optimization), tendering, tracking, tracing and settlement. 3G-TM transportation software provides embedded optimization allowing you make better shipping decisions that harness opportunities and address daily challenges. Deployment options include on premise, hosted and SaaS, all of which enable transportation teams to make better decisions, harness new opportunities, achieve cost savings, streamline processes and address the daily challenges of transportation.

For more information, visit:, or call us at 1.203.513.9336.

About ALK Technologies
ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics solutions and navigation software, is focused on developing innovative solutions for transportation, logistics, mobile workforces and consumers.  Product lines include PC*MILER, CoPilot and ALK Maps.  PC*MILER is widely recognized as a transportation industry standard for routing, mileage and mapping in North America.  CoPilot is a leading source of GPS navigation software for fleets, mobile operators, hardware OEMs, systems integrators, professional drivers and consumers.  ALK Maps is a development platform designed for the transportation industry and provides commercial routing, geocoding and mapping visualization for enterprise applications.

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ALK Icon ALK Maps Now Available Within Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

Offering Supply Chain Visibility for Improved Operations

Princeton, N.J. – February 8, 2016 – ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, today announced that ALK® Maps is now available within the Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and on-premise versions 6.4.0 and higher.  ALK is a Gold member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

ALK Maps, a dynamic asset and route visualization platform, provides high-quality map displays that allow the Oracle Transportation Management user base of shippers, private fleets, and logistics service providers to assess route plans for improved decision-making and overall network optimization. Users can customize the map display by adding stop markers, selecting colors for various mode types and status, or changing line styles.

With ALK Maps, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud customers can also benefit from:

  • Real-time supply chain visibility of orders, in-transit loads, facilities and freight status, including estimated times of arrival
  • Customizable route plans for greater resource utilization
  • Enhanced lane and bid analysis
  • Live traffic and weather overlays allowing users to identify potential pickup and delivery impacts
  • Improved operational consistency and productivity for Oracle Transportation Management Cloud customers using PC*MILER as their External Distance Engine (EDE)

In addition, ALK Maps provides worldwide street-level data, a satellite map style with street-level display, and the ability to geocode custom places for precise location needs.

“ALK Maps can help extend Oracle Transportation Management Cloud customers’ experience when visualizing, monitoring or planning shipments and assets,” said Rishi Mehra, director of web products at ALK Technologies. “We are very pleased with how we have leveraged Oracle Cloud for our visualization and transportation solutions, which incorporate a single source of commercial routing data for true operational consistency.”

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About Oracle PartnerNetwork
Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized is the latest version of Oracle’s partner program that provides partners with tools to better develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions. OPN Specialized offers resources to train and support specialized knowledge of Oracle products and solutions and has evolved to recognize Oracle’s growing product portfolio, partner base and business opportunity. Key to the latest enhancements to OPN is the ability for partners to differentiate through Specializations. Specializations are achieved through competency development, business results, expertise and proven success. To find out more, visit

About ALK Technologies
ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics solution and navigation software, is focused on developing innovative solutions for transportation, logistics, mobile workforces and consumers. Product lines include PC*MILER, CoPilot and ALK Maps. PC*MILER is widely recognized as a transportation industry standard for routing, mileage and mapping in North America. CoPilot is a leading source of GPS navigation software for fleets, mobile operators, hardware OEMs, system integrators, professional drivers and consumers. ALK Maps is a development platform designed for the transportation industry and provides commercial routing, geocoding and mapping visualization for enterprise applications.

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ALK Icon Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Last year, President Obama signed a proclamation, designating January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. With millions of people still victimized by modern-day slavery practices, his declaration was intended to raise awareness of human trafficking which still persists around the world.

One group of people who are uniquely positioned to have heightened awareness of the problem is our nation’s truckers. The men and women responsible for the flow of goods and services in our country are also the inherit guardians of our transportation network. When the sun sets and most of the world is asleep, truckers are still out there, keeping our economy flowing. In doing so, they are undoubtedly a witness to the dark side of night, especially to those using the very same highways to exploit and transport human beings.

There is an organization that understands very well the power that the trucking industry possesses in combating human exploitation. Truckers Against Trafficking is a non-profit organization that “exists to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking and travel plaza industry to combat domestic sex trafficking.” They provide invaluable support, training and resources for truckers and law enforcement agencies. TAT helps identify signs of human trafficking at crucial gathering locations for truckers and in turn, provide hope for victims that may come in contact with them. In the grim state of things, it is great to know that there are excellent organizations such as TAT making a real difference in the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable people.

Through awareness and action, we can make strides towards helping eliminate this problem.

human trafficking month

To learn more about human trafficking and how you can help, visit these websites:

By: Ezgi Bilici, Associate Product Manager

ALK Icon Code Local with ALK

We’re hiring developers who love building great software products.

ALK is dedicated to developing best-in-class solutions and services that power many of the industry’s largest transportation fleets. As we continue to expand our portfolio and customer base, our need for passionate, talented developers grows as well. CODE LOCAL WITH US!

“At ALK, we work with motivated individuals who care about what they’re doing. It’s a place where developers don’t have the schedule or stress of a startup, but we’re still small enough where no one becomes a nameless employee.”

Meet Tim, a Senior Software Engineer who has been with ALK for 3 years.

tim sseWe asked Tim what he likes best about ALK and he said it’s the opportunities given to developers to impact our products. When he first started, he realized he had the knowledge and expertise to significantly improve the rendering performance in our CoPilot mobile navigation app. Even though it wasn’t related to his work at the time, he brought it up with his team lead, and was given time to prototype his idea and propose the project. They let him do it, and he has been leading the charge on graphics ever since.

Tim specifically chose ALK after commuting to NYC from Central Jersey. He couldn’t stand all the crowds, sounds, smells, and how much time he lost every day just to traveling. Since then he has lived both North and South of Princeton, and both commutes are short and relaxing. Driving country roads with trees and rivers to work through Princeton every morning, while having the option to visit the city via mass transit nearby, is the best of both worlds.

ALK’s culture and commitment is to ensure that its engineers work on problems they are passionate about, creating pride and enjoyment in the job, as well as true accomplishment in the project.  Tim’s most recent project was the challenge of re-writing how ALK renders UI elements to the screen, a yearlong endeavor. The end result was a huge increase in FPS for OpenGL enabled devices, much greater than he could have ever hoped. The project also made the codebase easier to read, easier to write new UI elements for, and provides a great foundation for future optimization work.

We’re looking for talented and dedicated engineers to join us in creating innovative software for GPS navigation, mapping, and solutions that enable transportation of goods around the world.

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ALK Icon We’re Going Places

…To Philadelphia and Beyond!

The 2016 ALK Transportation Technology Summit (May 23-24, 2016) has moved from Princeton, NJ to Philadelphia, PA after almost 12 years. No more renting cars or long taxi rides. We’re now just 15 minutes from the airport at our new, modern, and centrally located event facility, The Westin.

Our industry expert speakers will fill panels and breakout sessions on today’s leading safety, driver, and operational issues. You’re guaranteed to take away actionable information you won’t get anywhere else. The Summit is also a great place to network and providers to develop strategic partnerships and future business opportunities. See all the benefits of attending!

Registration is open now! Take advantage of $100 off the regular registration price if you sign up by Friday, February 26!

summit 2016 image

…We’re Also on the Road!

Throughout the year, we send ALK product experts to nearly 50 global tradeshows to spend time with customers, build partnerships, and educate industry personnel on the latest and greatest PC*MILER, CoPilot, and ALK Maps functionality.

Get a personalized demo of any of our products, or just swing by to say hi, at any of the 2016 tradeshows and events we participate in. Check out our current schedule.


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ALK Icon ALK’s Big Successes in 2015

In 2015, ALK excelled in all areas of product, data, development and design. Together we executed a year of new product features, functionality and capabilities to provide solutions for safe, more compliant and efficient routing, mileage mapping and navigation.

We kicked off the year by introducing a new Weather Alerts module for ALK Maps, which not only notifies fleet managers or dispatchers when impending weather systems may impact current or future routes, but allows for visualization of those weather conditions overlaid on a map of the route plans. Since then, we’ve deployed ALK Maps in Europe and integrated ALK Maps into numerous partner platforms. As ALK Maps continued to expand, we also developed our CoPilot Truck in-cab navigation solution with additional functionality.

We now have support for vehicles of all sizes that provide optimal routing for Light, Medium, or Heavy Duty vehicles.  Drivers can enter their custom vehicle dimensions and will be alerted if those dimensions require a permit to help avoid errors and ensure compliance when creating routing profiles. Keeping driver safety as a main focus, we also added a new darker in-cab user interface on the display to minimize ambient screen glare during the day or night, reducing distraction.

Mid-year we introduced PC*MILER 29, and took into consideration industry-wide issues, trends and regulations to ensure we’re delivering a product that meets the needs of our customer base. PC*MILER 29 introduced a new HOS Manager, which factors in required breaks and stops directly into your route plan helping to stay compliant with government regulations and allowing our customers to maximize revenue by getting the most of out every mile driven.

Our CoPilot Professional integrated navigation and advanced routing optimization platform continues to expand into new vertical markets as fleets from Agriculture to Emergency Services adopt it as part of their mobile workforce strategy.

We ended 2015 by announcing ALK Maps new platform features, including traffic incidents and drive time polygons, as well as CoPilot Truck’s remote configuration capabilities for tighter control over the routes drivers follow, eliminating the need for associated driver interaction.

We’re also excited to continue to deliver safe, reliable navigation to consumer drivers worldwide. This year we celebrated 16 million downloads of our CoPilot mobile navigation apps.

Our goal is to provide customers with streamlined solutions that provide efficiency, productivity, and overall asset utilization. ALK’s customer-first mentality allows us to achieve this goal year after year.

 Here’s to another successful year in 2016!

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