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ALK Icon Driving the Future of Cohesive Solutions: ALK’s One-Stop Shop

We’re thrilled to announce our first-ever integration of ALK Maps and our Transportation Solutions suite with Cargas Systems, a company known for its cloud accounting, ERP & CRM software, consulting, and application development. The integration includes four of our core products:

  • ALK®Maps with PC*MILER® Web Services for high-quality map and route visualization with industry-specific commercial routing and restrictions;
  • CoPilot® TruckTM for safe, accurate, load-specific navigation; and
  • RouteSync® for sending planned routes in the back office directly to CoPilot Truck in the vehicle for route compliance

The integration is within Cargas’ Energy software, specifically designed for fuel delivery and HVAC service companies. ALK provided Cargas a specialized solution that would not only provide industry-specific routing, navigation and map visualization capabilities, but also allowed for communication between its Route Builder and Real-Time Mobile applications.

Our suite of solutions provides the consistency between planned and driven routes that is vital to business success.”  – ALK’s Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Dan Popkin

The ALK Advantage

ALK Maps, powered by PC*MILER, is the foundation of the solution, providing map visualization for real time vehicle and asset tracking, as well as commercial and hazardous materials routing vital to their business planning.

Cargas also integrated CoPilot Truck, which provides voice-guided turn-by-turn directions based on vehicle dimensions and load. If  a driver accidentally strays from the planned route, CoPilot Truck automatically re-calculates and safety guides them back to the route.

True route compliance is achieved with the final addition, RouteSync. With RouteSync, planned routes created in Route Builder are sent directly to drivers’ Real Time Mobile Application running CoPilot Truck. This piece is critical, as it produces operational consistency between dispatch and navigation , while reducing out-of-route mileage.

In an industry that thrives and depends on the latest technology innovation, our goal is to provide cohesive solutions that help your fleet achieve operational consistency, efficiency, and productivity. Learn more about the ALK Advantage and our suite of solutions or speak with one of our product experts 800-377-6453.


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ALK Icon ALK is Pleased to Present PC*MILER 29

Now with the HOS Manager




ALK’s product, data, development and design teams work diligently together throughout the year to execute a roadmap of new features and functionality for our annual PC*MILER release. Using valued feedback from users, as well as our support and sales teams, we’ve expanded PC*MILER’s capabilities to provide tools for safer, more compliant and cost-effective routing, mileage and mapping.

User feedback is always essential. We also take into consideration issues regarding industry trends and regulations to ensure we’re delivering a product that meets those demands.

In PC*MILER 29 we’re really excited about the new Hours of Service (HOS) Manager to help route plans stay compliant. HOS regulations have become a national industry issue and therefore, became our primary focus for PC*MILER 29. Now, users are able to factor in and save HOS rest break and stop duration times directly into planned routes. With this precision, it becomes easier to achieve operational consistency, convey realistic ETAs, and ultimately increase ROI. Additionally, we enhanced our route planning tools to allow users to search and display Points of Interest (POIs) along a scheduled route.

PC*MILER’s Powerful Enhancements *

poi-icon  Accurate toll cost data, predictive traffic routing, and least cost routing options*

poi-icon  Live fuel prices  from Pilot Flying J updated every 30 minutes

poi-icon  Search and display POIs along a route for improved route planning

poi-icon  Protect pressure sensitive goods by avoiding roads above a certain elevation

poi-icon  Send PC*MILER planned routes directly* to CoPilot Truck Navigation

When it comes down to it, our goal is to provide customers with a safe and reliable routing, mileage and mapping solution. ALK’s customer-first mentality allows us to achieve this goal year after year. Learn more about how PC*MILER 29 can empower your company or schedule a demo today!

*additional licenses and fees may apply


Kara Jo O’Neil, ALK Technologies, Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Solutions

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ALK Icon 2015 Transportation Technology Summit Recap

Another year… another great ALK Tech Summit!

We were thrilled to have Noël Perry, Founder of Transportation Economics and Mark Rosenker, former Chairman of National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as featured speakers at the event. Their perspectives and presentations were not only interesting from a business standpoint, but their industry outlooks and stories were truly captivating.

For those who attended, we hope you enjoyed our agenda. Trying to remember what a presenter said or interested in seeing what we discussed? PDF copies of all of our General Session presentations are now available on the Presentations Page of our Summit website.

Notably our most successful portion of the Summit was our newly introduced Interactive Training Program. Focused on ALK’s suite of solutions, attendees participated in sessions led by ALK Product Managers and experts, discussing the benefits, functionality, and technical aspects of PC*MILER, CoPilot Truck, RouteSync, CoPilot FleetPortal and ALK Maps. The descriptive presentations provided information and demos of our products and allowed plenty of time for meaningful Q&A.

ALK will use the information we gathered throughout our Interactive Training Program to continue to enhance our solutions to better meet your needs. Because this new portion of the Summit was so highly regarded by our attendees, we plan on executing it again in 2016. You never know… other changes may be coming as well so make sure to read emails from ALK Tech Summit and follow us @ALKTech!

We encourage you to participate in a quick, 5 minute, post-event survey specifically for Summit attendees. We want to know what you think! We truly value our relationships with our current and prospective customers and sponsors, and want to make this event one you don’t want to miss!


For a quick Summit recap, filled with event details and photos, watch our Prezi presentation by clicking the image below.


For the full effect, please make the presentation full screen icon by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner . Using the arrows in the bottom middle, you can click through the presentation. You can also auto play the presentation by clicking the  icon in the bottom right corner as well.

ALK Icon Safe & Attentive – Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distractions – they’re everywhere, but what happens when you’re the one who’s distracted and you’re behind the wheel? In 2013, 3,154 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.

April is dedicated to educating drivers about the dangers of this deadly epidemic. 

Distracted driving includes texting, eating and drinking, talking to passengers, grooming, reading, adjusting your music, and a long list of others. There are three main types of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive. When a driver is using a cell phone, all three of these become affected, making it the most unsafe situation for drivers, passengers, and others outside of the vehicle.

We understand that even navigation apps on a mobile device can be a distraction, which is why driver safety is at the heart of the design of our CoPilot navigation apps. CoPilot is designed specifically to help people keep their eyes on the road and not on the screen. We make sure the maps are decluttered and provide only the necessary information on the screen. The screen instructions are displayed large enough to be viewed from a distance and are also read out loud as voice-guided directions.

We urge you to review and follow these tips to reduce driver distractions while using mobile navigation in a car:

1. Always enter your destination location into your device prior to beginning the route. If your plans change mid-trip and you need to edit the destination, pull over to a rest stop or parking lot to re-enter the data.

2. Position your navigation device in a secure and visible location.

3. Keep your radio at a low volume so you are able to clearly hear the voice-guided directions.


At ALK, we also offer a navigation solution to help reduce driver distractions in the trucking industry. By entering vehicle dimensions or attributes such as load type, weight and vehicle size, into CoPilot Truck prior to departure, drivers are guided along the safest routes, helping to avoid dangerous situations like bridge strikes or driving on roads with weight limits.

Take a moment to look into the facts & statistics on the consequences of distracted driving and make your pledge to become a more attentive and safe driver today.

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ALK Icon How Valuable is Your Data?

World Backup Day Reminds Us of the Importance of Saving It All

Everyone can relate to that anxious feeling you get after losing or misplacing an important belonging. Now what about losing valuable data from your mobile phone, tablet, or essential software? Not everyone takes the time to backup and save that information in case of an accident. Fortunately for you and your data, today March 31st , is World Backup Day, so we’re giving you a friendly reminder!

Although many people will use today as a day to save their photos, contact lists, email, and the like, you should also consider taking the time to backup your PC*MILER software as well as the navigation data you’ve entered in your CoPilot app.

CoPilot users benefit from the CoPilot Cloud feature, which will automatically backup data, such as subscriptions, favorite places or maps. Not only will it save your information for you if you lose your device, but it also makes it possible to restore it if you choose to upgrade to another CoPilot version. Follow these step-by-step instructions to back up your CoPilot navigation app.

Within PC*MILER there are several customization files that you should consider backing up like your geofences, default routing options and road speeds. You have the choice of backing up specific files or you may also wish to backup the whole install directory. It’s as easy as highlighting and copying the files you want saved and pasting them into another location of your choice, such as a new folder or a different network drive.

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2015 Transportation Technology Summit

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ALK Icon Transport America Implements ALK Maps Weather Alerts

Automated weather warnings save Fleet Leaders time, keep drivers and cargo safe and improve fleet utilization

Princeton, N.J. – March 31, 2015 – ALK, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, announced that Transport America has implemented its ALK® Maps platform with the Weather Alerts module. This implementation fully automates Transport America’s process for curating potentially hazardous weather events, alerting Fleet Leaders and drivers of weather alerts and identifying future undispatched loads and projected routes that might also be affected. As a result, Transport America will be able to produce more accurate weather alerts that can empower its team to make educated decisions to help keep drivers and freight safe and optimize fleet utilization in the face of weather disruptions.


“After last year’s harsh winter, we were looking for a tool to keep our trucks safer and moving in bad weather,” said Tom Benusa, CIO of Transport America. “We were stuck manually and intermittently reviewing weather information and eyeballing what trucks it might affect. ALK was able to provide us the tools to build exactly what we needed.  Weather information is now systematically automated to meet our three goals: to keep drivers safe, to keep their cargo safe and to ensure that our assets are optimally utilized. We’ve been very impressed with the functionality so far and know that we’ll be able to expand our capabilities as we continue to use the platform.”


ALK Maps Weather Alerts pulls in severe weather alert information directly from the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Transport America has integrated this module with its internal alert system. The system runs across Transport America’s entire fleet every 20 minutes and offers Fleet Leaders the real-time data they need to identify new weather related issues for their specific trucks. This information enables them to confidently make critical safety decisions based on where their drivers are and where they are headed. Transport America’s Customer Service team is provided weather-related insight for their projected routes up to three times daily so they can easily assess the impact and decide if a load should be re-routed or held.


“Fleet Leaders can now proactively contact their drivers and make sure they are aware of the weather situation and ensure their safe passage,” continued Mr. Benusa. “In addition, we can look further ahead into future routes and project which might be affected by weather. We now have the information far enough in advance to make the decision to re-route ahead of storms or, if needed, reach out to clients to schedule earlier or later pickups and deliveries. It’s a significant enhancement to our customer service as well our fleet logistics.”


“The Transport America team has pioneered a new approach to solving an ever-present challenge the entire transportation industry faces, and we’re pleased the Weather Alerts module has enabled them to so,” said Dan Popkin, senior vice president of enterprise solutions at ALK. “We’re looking forward to continued collaboration and innovation with Transport America as they utilize the ALK Maps platform to drive their fleet’s efficiency.”


Weather Alerts is available to purchase as an additional module for the ALK Maps or PC*MILER Web Services platforms.


For more information about ALK Maps, visit:


About Transport America
Transport America is a leading provider of truckload transportation and logistics services throughout much of the US, Mexico and Canada.  Transport America has been in business since 1984 and is headquartered in Eagan, MN.  The company’s broad portfolio of services, which includes Solo and Team over-the-road, Dedicated, Regional, Intermodal and Brokerage, executed by talented professionals with state-of-the-art technology, caters to Fortune 1000 shippers who value Transport America’s customer service focus.

About ALK
ALK, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics solutions and navigation software, is focused on developing innovative solutions for transportation, logistics, mobile workforces and consumers. Product lines include award-winning CoPilot, a leading source of GPS navigation software for fleets, mobile operators, hardware OEMs, systems integrators, professional drivers and consumers. ALK’s PC*MILER is widely recognized as a transportation industry standard for routing, mileage and mapping. ALK Maps is a development platform designed for the transportation industry and provides commercial routing, geocoding and mapping visualization for enterprise applications.

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ALK Icon ALK Partners with Road Safety Charity Brake

Developer of CoPilot sat nav apps embarks on a campaign to promote safer driving with leading UK road safety charity Brake

London, UK – March 24, 2015 – ALK, a Trimble company and a global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, announced today that it is working with road safety charity Brake to raise awareness about safer use of mobile technology when traveling by car.

Relied on by over 14 million consumer drivers and professional fleets globally, ALK’s CoPilot® sat nav apps for driving are designed specifically for in-vehicle use. Driver-friendly features such as Motion Lock prevent use of app controls while on the move, while a unique “Directions only” safety mode helps keep drivers focused on the road ahead rather than on-screen.

“We are delighted to work with Brake as part of our quest to provide a safe in-car sat nav experience on a mobile device,” said David Quin, vice president, consumer applications, ALK. “We share Brake’s concern about the potential dangers of using a phone while driving, and we are committed to setting high standards in our CoPilot sat nav apps when it comes to minimizing distraction and maximizing driver safety. We hope that together we can help raise awareness of the need for non-distracting design and use of driving apps, particularly as smartphones become increasingly part of the connected car market.”

“Sat navs should make driving from A to B a lot simpler, but as their popularity increases, so do our concerns about driving safety. That’s why we are happy to work with ALK who takes safety seriously, and we hope a similar approach to sat nav safety could be implemented across the industry,” said Richard Coteau, Brake. ”Having a navigation campaign partner who cares about driver distraction and road safety gives us great insight into sat navs, such as CoPilot, and their safety, and together we are looking forward to raise awareness around the driver distraction risks of inappropriate use of technology when in car.

Watch Richard Coteau, Brake and David Quin, ALK, discuss sat navs and their safety:

See full video transcription here:

About Brake

Brake is a national road safety charity that exists to stop the needless deaths and serious injuries that happen on roads every day, make streets and communities safer for everyone, and care for families bereaved and injured in road crashes. Brake promotes road safety awareness, safe and sustainable road use, and effective road safety policies.

This is done through national campaignscommunity educationservices for road safety professionals and employers, and by coordinating the UK’s flagship road safety event every November, Road Safety Week. Brake is a national, government-funded provider of support to families and individuals devastated by road death and serious injury, including through a helpline and support packs.

For more information on Brake, visit: or follow us at:

About ALK
ALK, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics solutions and navigation software, is focused on developing innovative solutions for transportation, logistics, mobile workforces and consumers. Product lines include award-winning CoPilot, a leading source of GPS navigation software for fleets, mobile operators, hardware OEMs, systems integrators, professional drivers and consumers. ALK’s PC*MILER is widely recognized as a transportation industry standard for routing, mileage and mapping.   ALK Maps is a development platform designed for the transportation industry and provides commercial routing, geocoding and mapping visualization for enterprise applications.

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ALK Icon ALK Tech Summit’s Interactive Training Programs

ALK’s Transportation Technology Summit takes place May 4-7, 2015 in Princeton, NJ and is again being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This year, there is an exciting new addition to the agenda – Interactive Training Programs. These programs allow ALK to deliver customized learning experiences for participants. The Programs are available to anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge of ALK’s products.

Our Interactive Training Programs provide participants with invaluable information and hands-on guidance, educating them with our latest software updates. The goal is to help further your product knowledge so you can report back to your company with the tools and information that will ultimately cut costs and increase your ROI.

ALK is offering ten Interactive Training Program sessions over the course of two days, all of which are 75 minutes. Major themes include: Route Visualization, Efficiency & Productivity, Route Compliance, and Integrating & Customizing your products to fit your needs. We will dive deeper into the details of ALK’s product lines; CoPilot®, PC*MILER®, & ALK® Maps, through presentations and demos. At the conclusion of the Training Programs, we’ll host an open Q&A session, bringing together the ALK Team of Product and Project Managers, Integration Specialists, Developers, and Senior Management.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned executive, ALK’s Interactive Training Programs will add further value to your company in the short-run and will continue to have a lasting effect. The early bird registration deadline is less than two weeks away. By signing up on or before February 20, you save $100 and can be confident that you’ll come away feeling motivated and optimistic about the future.

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ALK Icon Keep Your Drivers Safe and Make Informed Decisions with ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts

The Northeast has already seen their share of ugly winter storms – Knife in Western New York and most recently, Juno along the coast. With the snow falling, questions like, “How will we get our load delivered on time?” and “Is my driver headed straight into a storm?” are being asked frequently. These concerns are minimized with Weather Alerts, the latest module available for the ALK Maps and PC*MILER Web Services platforms.

ALK’s Senior Product Manager, Rishi Mehra explains, “The Weather Alerts module automates the time-intensive process of actively tracking weather conditions across the U.S. as well as determining which alerts may affect drivers, then reroutes them to avoid hazardous conditions.” There are over 120 different alert types ranging from winter storm warnings to hurricane and flood alerts, which are provided by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 


Weather Alerts provides fleet managers and dispatchers with the tools they need to make informed decisions to keep their drivers safe and out of harm’s way. In turn, safe and happy drivers result in improving fleet productivity. Once the alerts are overlaid on the ALK Maps route-visualization platform, drivers are presented with the impact of the weather on their planned route and eventually rerouted to avoid the forecasted dangers.

ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts helps your fleet stay ahead of the curve, focusing on directing and preparing vehicles around dangerous situations before they happen. We understand the importance of keeping your fleet safe and efficient in unavoidable bad weather. Weather Alerts can help your company accomplish both.

To learn more about Weather Alerts and ALK Maps, click here

To view the latest press release, click here

FleetOwner highlights ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts

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