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ALK Icon ALK Maps Saves Time and Improves Efficiency for Schilli Transportation

As Lou Wilkinson, software development manager, Schilli Transportation Services put it, “It’s not often in IT when you create something that everyone loves,” but that is exactly the reaction he got from the company’s driver managers after integrating ALK Maps into the company’s proprietary Driver Daily Events management tool.

Read the complete article in the October issue of Heavy Duty Trucking online at  (page 84) or visit



ALK Icon ALK Technologies Announces McLeod Software Support of PC*MILER 28

Providing LoadMaster and PowerBroker customers updated nationwide commercial routing, mileage and mapping

Princeton, New Jersey – September 15 – ALK Technologies , a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics® solutions and navigation software, and McLeod Software, a leading provider of transportation management and trucking software solutions, today announced that ALK’s PC*MILER® 28 routing, mileage and mapping software has been  now successfully tested and approved for use with McLeod’s LoadMaster® and PowerBroker® products.

McLeod’s LoadMaster and PowerBroker products are industry leading software products for trucking dispatch operations management, freight brokerage management, fleet management, document imaging, workflow, EDI, and business process automation solutions for trucking, freight brokerage, third party logistics, and shipper companies in the U.S. With the integration of PC*MILER 28, McLeod customers have access to up-to-date truck-specific routing and mileage data, including truck restrictions and truck-specific toll costs. PC*MILER’s street-level routing, mapping, multi-version switch and hazmat routing modules have also been tested and approved.

“We are committed to providing comprehensive integration capabilities with the industry’s premier mileage vendor, ALK.  This certification provides assurance that our LoadMaster and PowerBroker customers can take advantage of the latest technologies available,” said Robert Brothers, manager of product development for McLeod Software. Read More…

ALK Icon Mobile Devices Transform Vacations

Mini survey infographic

A new study commissioned by CoPilot highlights the ways in which mobile devices have transformed the American vacation.

The “Vacation Technology Survey” found that 89 percent of people bring a smartphone with them on vacation. Over half of respondents also brought multiple devices with them, the most popular of which being a tablet (54 percent) or laptop computer (53 percent).

The portability and versatility of mobile devices has transformed vacations. Ten or 15 years ago, thick guidebooks and paper maps were required to fully understand and navigate a vacation destination. Today, vacationers are turning to their smartphones to perform these functions.

In fact, local search (93 percent) and GPS directions (77 percent) were the two most cited uses for a smartphone or tablet. GPS apps were also cited as the most popular way to navigate, beating out personal navigation devices (32 percent), paper maps (32 percent) and printed directions (31 percent).

“Mobile devices allow vacationers to travel more like a local than a tourist,” said David Quin, vice president of consumer business at ALK Technologies. “You can discover all the best places to eat, the best sites to see and then get there without getting lost. With CoPilot, you can do both local search and navigation from a single app. Exploring a vacation destination has never been easier or more reliable.”

However, even as most vacationers rely on their devices for navigation and search, they can’t rely on mobile networks to provide adequate coverage. 83 percent of respondents indicated a lack of reliable mobile service while on vacation. Coupled with the fact that only 15 percent check mobile coverage before they leave, there are many people who can’t fully use their mobile devices on vacation.

“While some carriers claim to cover 90 percent of the country, that’s population, not geography,” said Quin. “Vacations are times to go to the mountains, beach, desert or other rural and remote locations. These are precisely the areas with unreliable mobile service.”

This presents an issue for the 80 percent who use mobile devices for GPS directions, as many GPS apps rely on mobile connection to steam map data. No connection, no map. No map, no directions.

However, you can avoid this with CoPilot’s offline navigation. CoPilot downloads all map data to the device. With maps stored on the device, vacationers are never without directions, no matter how remotely they travel.

The survey found that one aspect of vacations wasn’t changed by technology. Men are still less likely to ask for directions, even if it’s from their GPS app. Men used each category of directions (GPS apps, personal navigation devices, paper maps and printed directions) less than women. They were, however, more included to use “Other” methods for directions. What those are will have to be the subject of our next survey.

For more information, please access the full survey brief or survey infographic.


CoPilot is available for download on iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store.

ALK Icon New Tech Makes Weigh Station Bypass Easier

CoPilot Truck users know that cell phones and smart phones are no longer just for staying connected, but are helping truckers reach new heights in productivity.

And now thanks to technology developed by Drivewyze, smartphones and other in-truck devices can now use existing cellular networks to transmit bypass requests at weigh stations. This means that commercial truck drivers now have a choice in bypass programs, beyond the traditional transponder based programs.2 miles

Drivewyze is currently offering its bypass program at 333 fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites in 25 states, and works on a driver’s existing smartphone, tablet, or other in-cab device. The service also provides a free “heads-up” alert when approaching other weigh stations across the United States.

How One Owner Operator Saved $8,800 in just 12 months
Mike Shatney, an owner operator since 2006, has witnessed what Drivewyze can offer. Shatney, who hauls milk throughout the eastern seaboard, had a pull-in rate of just 3 percent over the last year – 1,053 bypass opportunities with 1,021 granted – thanks to Drivewyze

On an average, Shatney has had about 60 bypasses a month, and saved nearly $8,800 in time and fuel over the last 12 months. That works out to 85 hours in time savings, and 408 gallons of fuel saved. Despite those numbers, Shatney said the reward in using mobile-based inspection bypass is more than just the fuel he’s saving.

“For me, the reward comes from getting good loads, and the ability to bypass while others are stuck waiting to go through weigh stations,” he added. “It saves me anywhere from 20 minutes to half hour at each weigh station.”

Check out the video to learn more about Mike Shatney’s experience with Drivewyze.

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ALK Icon It has Arrived! PC*MILER 28 Now Available


Throughout the year ALK’s product, design and development teams look into ways to improve, streamline and fine-tune the usability of PC*MILER’s features.  In Version 28, this year’s annual release, significant usability improvements were made to the importing of custom places.  PC*MILER gives users the capability to assign their own names to locations in the database.  Once a custom place is created, users can enter it as a stop on a route.  In PC*MILER 28, users now have the flexibility to assign a custom place to their own defined category name.  We expect this feature to help users better organize their custom places and make it easier to identify them on the PC*MILER RouteMap.

We also kept usability in mind when we implemented the new Route Profiles Manager, which provides the ability to create and save custom routing profiles.  The new tool enables users to create and save groups of routing options under a name of their choosing.  The profile can then be selected each time a route is run that requires the route options in that profile.  Using this feature will increase efficiency when working with fleets that have multiple modes of transport, all with different routing needs.

ALK continues to search for innovative ways to help our customers with their routing, mileage and mapping needs.  After 15 years here at ALK, I’ve had the opportunity to work with both the PC*MILER routing and map data and its features and functionality within the software to help ensure the value that PC*MILER brings to the process of solving the complex challenges facing the transportation industry today.

For more PC*MILER 28 details, click here.


Kara Jo O’Neil, Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Solutions

ALK Icon Achieving True Route Compliance

Looking to achieve true route compliance?  We can help.

Companies today want their vehicles to drive specific pre-planned routes for billing and operational reasons, but once a driver is behind the wheel that’s not always the case.  That’s why we’ve developed RouteSync, our unique capability that synchronizes the planned route in the back office with the navigated route in the cab.  With RouteSync, dispatchers can send PC*MILER optimized routes directly to drivers to follow through CoPilot Truck in-cab navigation.


Once the route is driven, you can take it a step further and use our CoPilot FleetPortal tool to visualize routes and generate fleet-wide reports on vehicle compliance to planned routes.  An extremely useful tool for identifying driver coaching opportunities that can lead to reduced fuel usage.

Want to learn more?  Check out our recent webinar from the

PC*MILER Tutorial Series: Achieving True Route Compliance


Dwayne Lazarre

Dwayne Lazarre, Manager Fleet Sales – Enterprise Solutions, ALK Technologies.

ALK Icon Generating Hazmat Compliant Routes and Mileage


Did you know that PC*MILER offers routing, mileage and mapping specific to the needs of hauling hazardous materials and dangerous goods?

PC*MILER|HazMat extends PC*MILER’s features by incorporating federal, state and local routing rules, restrictions and allowances to generate hazmat-compliant routes for general, corrosive, explosive, flammable, inhalant, and radioactive hazmats.  PC*MILER|HazMat enables users to easily compare rating mileage and hazmat mileage, allowing for the creation of compensating rate factors to support short- and long-term rate negotiations and the ability to better estimate actual operating costs. Read More…